Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/16/15 Report - Atocha Gold Finger Bar. John Wilkes Booth Tour. Nimrud Destroyed. Buttons Found.

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Atocha Gold Bar In April 29 Sedwick Coins Treasure Auction.
Photo Source: See Sedwick Coins link.
Here is the description from the auction catalog.

Complete gold "finger" bar #1526, 699 grams, marked with fineness XXIII: (23.5K) and serial number 152-1, from the Atocha (1622). 5-1/4" x 7/8" x 1/2". From a series of mysteriously high grade bars without foundry/assayer markings and tax stamps (also no assayer's "bite"), hence purported to be either the property of the Church or representative of the "king's fifth" (tax), this example with very bold fineness but light serial number (both hand-engraved), two dimples on top where the metal settled during cooling. From the Atocha (1622), with Fisher photo-certificate #A84-1526.

Here is a link to the Ingots and Bullion session of the Sedwick Coins Auction.

And here is link to a short video showing some of the highlights of the Sedwick Coins Treasure Auction that goes live on April 29.  Take a look some of the great treasure bars and cobs.


Now that you have your taxes done maybe you want to think about a summer vacation.  How about a tour following the trail of John Wilkes Booth that he made in the after shooting Lincoln up until his capture.  This year is the 150th year since the assassination of Lincoln.

Here is the link showing some of the stops.


This video shows ISIS  destroying the 3000 year-old remains of the city of Nimrud in Iraq.


Buttons Dug By Dan B.
Photo by Dan B.

Dan B. is still digging inland sites.  He found four of these buttons showing a locomotive and coal car.

Nice buttons Dan!  Thanks for sharing.


Have you seen the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket?  Pretty neat.  I'd like to live close to the gold fields.


Here is a very short video clip made near low tide on Thursday.   There were a few rain showers up and down the beach.

Thursday on the Treasure Coast we'll have one more day of smooth surf and some good negative tides.  Friday the surf will increase a little.   According to the predictions we'll have a few days of rainy weather.

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