Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4/12/16 Report - Poll Results. Musket Balls and Mystery Item. Mathematical Model For Finding Fossils.

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Bunch Musket Balls
Photo submitted by John C.
Take a look at that bunch of musket balls shown above.  There are a lot of interesting things to see. Some shown the mold seams.  Some have been cut.  Some show some iron rust.  And there is even a hidden Mickey.

John sent the photo with the hidden Mickey musket ball after seeing my recent posts showing the Donald Duck figurine.  He said, "I guess it seems that the Spaniards may have come up with the Mickey Mouse concept  in Florida  long before Walt did...."

Did you find the hidden Mickey?  It is right in the center of the group.

Hidden Mickey Musket Balls
Photo by John C.
There is an entire book about the hidden Mickies that were placed all around Disney World.

Below is a mystery item John has been trying to figure out.

Mystery Item Photo by John C.
I already have my idea, but let me know what you think.

Very Neat Green Bottle Found Recently During Surface Hunt.
This bottle has no embossing and isn't real old but it is in my opinion very pretty.  Too bad it has scuffs and scratches.

My surface hunts have turned up a lot of bottles lately, but none are valuable.  Enough is being found to suggest something better will eventually show up.


The most recent blog poll has concluded and the results are in.  The majority, about 61 percent of those who responded to the poll hunt mostly on the beach.  It is generally easy to access and hunt on beaches.  Recovery is easy and no permission or special equipment is needed.

About 21 percent of the respondents hunt mostly on dry land.  That is more than the number that hunt mostly in the water (16%).

The number that do hunt mostly on the beach is almost twice the number that does not hunt mostly on the beach.

The poll does not tell us how many beach hunters occasionally do a little land or water hunting.  It is clear, though, that the blog's readers hunt mostly on beaches.


Science Daily has an article telling about the factors included in a mathematical model that was developed to identify areas where fossils are likely to be discovered.  It is very general.  I'll see if I can find more details.

Here is the link.



We're supposed to have a few days of 2 - 3 foot surf and then by the weekend maybe up to an eight foot surf.  That will be something to watch for, but as so often happens, the surf might or might not get that high.  Here's hoping.

Happy hunting,