Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4/19/16 Report - Sedwick Treasure Auction Number 19. 2016 Hurricane Season Predictions. Treasure Coast Found Crucifix.

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Here is an interesting article about the movement of wealth.  Many wealthy are now leaving metropolitan areas and some are moving to fortified communities.   It is not entirely new but seems to be occurring at much increased rates.



...What may be truly confusing is this summer's Atlantic hurricane season, Halpert said. At the start of the summer, Earth may still be in the tail end of an El Niño, which often reduces the number of Atlantic hurricanes. But by the time the hurricane season hits its fall peak, it should be a La Niña, which tends to increase the number of storms...

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And here is another article on the upcoming hurricane season.

ST. CROIX — Meteorologists stationed at Colorado State University this week issued the results of their research into the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, predicting 12 named storms, five of which will form into hurricanes...

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Concerning Andy's crucifix find that I posted yesterday, I have a few comments.

I asked author Laura Strolia what she thought of the cross.  As you probably know, Laura did research and wrote a lot on some of the religious artifacts found on 1715 Fleet wrecks as well as the book, The Marigalera of the 1715 Fleet.

Laura thought the ends of the cross looked like they might signify scallop shells, which refer to The Way of St. James.  She pointed me to a cross with similar ends.  The product description of that cross says, The arms of this cross suggest the scallop shell, associated with water, the symbol of renewal, it is sometimes used to decorate baptismal fonts. The scallop shell is also the symbol for the Christian pilgrim. 

The cross is seven inches tall.  That suggests that it is not to be worn.  If you look at the key hole opening on the back, it looks like it is made to be hung on a wall, furniture or perhaps a baptismal font.

The one thing that I am very uncertain about is the key hole style of hanger.  That does not strike me as being centuries old.  It could be, but I don't know.  Maybe somebody else can tell me that.

The corpus seems to be attached to the cross at three points.  Many modern crucifixes are made in one piece. Older ones more often seem to have the corpus attached rather than made in one piece.  I am sure that is not fool-proof, just an observation of mine.  It might not be a good one.

In summary, I am not sure how old the artifact might be.  The keyhole hanger might help answer that question if it can be determined how long those have been used.


The surf will be decreasing a little every day for several days.  We'll be back to a small surf in a week or so.

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