Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/6/16 Report - Beaches Around The Treasure Coast This Afternoon.

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It was windy last night and this morning as the cool front came through.  I wanted to get out to see what the beaches looked like but didn't get to until this afternoon.  Here is what I saw.

Frederick Douglas Beach This Afternoon Near Low Tide.
Frederick Douglas looked interesting - more interesting than shows from the photo.  For one thing, between the peaks you see here, there were cuts in between.  The cuts were unusual.  I don't remember seeing cuts just like that.

The front beach was relatively firm, and the cuts up around the bend were not spaced like the ones shown here.

I'd say beach conditions definitely improved a little here, but maybe not enough to find cobs - at least not in numbers.

Pepper Park This Afternoon Near Low Tide.
No cuts here.  And the beach front was not low.  The only good thing about this beach is the dip in the shallow water.

Two Detectorists At Pepper Park.
 One of these detectorists had a Garrett Ace.  I heard him say he found eleven cents.  I think the other fellow (bending down) had a Bounty Hunter.

Turtle Trail Looking North This Afternoon
The Turtle Trail beach had features that looked very much like those of Frederick Douglas.  It was surprisingly similar.

South of Turtle Trail This Afternoon.
This is the area that was producing back at the end of 2015.  Notice that the blue bags are not showing.

Area North of Seagrape Trail.  
Not much interesting around Seagrape Trail.  However, the front beach was firm.  It was similarly firm around Turtle Trail.

Digger North of Seagrape Trail.
This detectorist was digging one big hole.  I've seen other people trying to remove the same item over the years  So far none were successful.  Maybe this guy will be.  If he does dig it up, can he carry it away.  Maybe.  I once carried a fairly large anchor a long distance.  I wouldn't do it today.

There it is.

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