Monday, April 18, 2016

4/18/16 Report - Beach Conditions On The Treasure Coast, Cross or Crucifix Find.

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John Brooks Beach This Morning.
Yesterday morning this same beach had some three-foot cuts.  Today, none.  What happened is that the water got up to near the dunes last night.  It washed up over the front beach and smoothed it out.

I took a look at Turtle Trail, Seagrape Trail, Wabasso, Ambersands, and the beach north of the McClarty Museum.  None of those had any significant cuts.

At Turtle Trail, for example, just a little more of the blue bags were showing.  It looked like the beach there lost a little sand, but just a few inches from over the bags.

I would have taken more pictures but my camera battery ran down.

For the size of the surf, not much happened.  None of the beaches looked very interesting this morning,and most of the front beaches were pretty mushy.

The surf will decrease a little tomorrow.  I don't expect much improvement in the beach conditions the next couple of days.

Still, there were some interesting finds the past couple of days.  Below is one find made by Andy S.



Close Up.
The cross is about seven inches tall.  It was found yesterday on a shipwreck beach where a shipwreck spike was also found.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the item.  I noticed some things that I'll comment on some other time.  I've also asked for expert opinion.


Concerning my "Hero's Journey" post, Jerry P. said, Today's post is so much like I feel about this "hobby" that I felt compelled to let you know. The "Hero's Journey" chart really fits me and other Detectorists that I've come to know in the short time since I began my "Journey".

Thanks for your comments Jerry.


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