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4/23/16 Report - Treasures In Renourishment Sand. Jupiter Inlet Beach. Ring: How Old Is It? Dare.

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Big Cut South of Jupiter Inlet
Photo by John B.
T,his cut is in renourishment sand, but that doesn't necessarily mean there is nothing good in it.  Although it doesn't happen often, very good things can be found in renourishment sand.  WW II items were found in renourishment sand at Fort Pierce.  Silver U. S. coins were found in the renourishment sand at Ambersands not too long ago. Even Spanish galleon materials have been found in renourishment sand.  It is good to know where renoruishment sand is collected, and it can be worth checking renourishment sand.  There are times when there will be tons of old aluminum cans and other junk, but sometimes there will be things that are millions of years old.

Same Cut Showing Layers of Shells Etc.
Photo by John B.
Check the face of any cut to determine what might be in the sand.  In the photo above, you can clearly see some layers.

Thanks for the great pictures John!

Very Nice Shark Tooth
Find and photo by John B.
Here is what John said.  There was a pretty good cut along the beach just south of Jupiter inlet but it was all renourishment sand.  Lots of small iron junk targets, shells and shark teeth.    

That is a nice tooth.  Notice the serrations.


Yesterday I posted some items from the beach at Corrigan's.  That prompted Paul B. to send me the following email.

Hello, found this ring on one of the Ft. pierce beaches several years ago. I thought it was a more modern piece, but after looking at the pictures you posted today of the gold rings, now I'm not sure. It's silver with no markings and the stone looks as if it could be jade. What do you think? I'm attaching pictures.
Paul B.

Find and photo by Paul B.

What do you all think?  I have a hard time telling from photos.  Most modern rings would have a marking, especially if it is gold or silver.   

Paul provided a number of excellent photos.  Still there are some things I can't tell without actually handling.  It can be difficult enough even when having the item in your hand.

I'd appreciate any comments though.


The crew of the Dare is using Dolores (HAUV) to explore the deep mud at the south of the Atocha trail.


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