Sunday, April 3, 2016

4/3/16 Report - Survey of a Few Beaches and Beach Conditions Update.

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I took a look at some beaches this morning.  The sand on the front beaches had been stirred up a little, but only superficial stuff.

The wind changed and was coming from the north today.  That had an effect.

In the photo above you can see at the top of the picture where the dunes were cut into a little by the high tides not long ago.

In the picture above you can also see a dark strip where there was a little black sand on the recently steepened slope.

This beach is different from the one above.  It is much more broad and there is a lot more flat beach in front of the dunes.

This beach is also mushier than the one shown above.  The one shown above at the top was firm.

The second beach has new mushy sand piled on the very front of the beach.

Here is a view of a beach that in some respects is similar to the second one.

There were both scallops and small cuts like the one shown above on various beaches.

Overall, I'd say the beaches that I saw weren't very promising, although at least one (the one in the first picture) was interesting enough to spend some time detecting.  I wouldn't expect any real good old objects though.

It was such a mixed bag that I would not be surprised if there were some small productive spots somewhere on the Treasure Coast even though I didn't see the..  I would look for areas where there are obstacles to the flow of sand, for example rocks, inlets, etc.

The surf is running about two or three feet now, and the tides are moderate.

The north wind will continue for two or three days, only shifting a little.

I'd expect no significant changes in detecting conditions.

Happy hunting,