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4/27/16 Report - More On Shipwreck Silver Rings Question. Florida Scenic National Trail. Nazi Treasure.

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Couple Old Silver Beach Finds.

If you want to do a little exploring off the beaten path, you might try the Florida National Scenic Trail.

The Florida Trail (FNST) is a congressionally designated National Scenic Trail.  It is approximately 1,300-miles long, and is intended to offer a continuous, permanent non-motorized recreation opportunity for hiking and other compatible activities.  Over its length, it showcases the incredible biodiversity, history, and rich culture of Florida.
The Florida Trail begins on the edge of the everglades ecosystem in Big Cypress National Preserve. It’s end point lies in the white sands of Gulf Islands National Seashore. at historic Fort Pickens. The Florida Trail is one of the United States 11 National Scenic Trails and offers an experience that is unique to Florida. No other trail in the world compares to the Florida Trail...


Some consider it "the world's most valuable piece of lost art," says Reuters and according to a Polish historian, the Russian treasure may have been located. Bartlomiej Plebanczyk on Friday told his country's TVN24 he's "almost certain" the Amber Room, a chamber made of gold leaf and amber panels, lies under an old World War II German bunker in northern Poland. Plebanczyk's theory was born out of his use of ground-penetrating radar at the site, he tells the Mirro, which reports the previously unknown room measures only 65 square feet. "We need to drill into the room in the bunker and lower a camcorder there," says Plebanczyk, who feels confident he'll find the Amber Room, which is valued at around $500 million and was stolen by the Nazis from Russia's Catherine Palace in 1941, the AP reports...

Here is the link for the rest of that article.

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The past couple of days I've been talking about silver rings not being found on 1715 wrecks.   I haven't seen much to dispute that and wonder why it would be.  I have been doing some research on that, and am hoping to learn why silver rings are so scarce when gold and copper alloy rings are as scarce.  I haven't concluded that research yet, but have already learned a lot in the process.  I'll be following up with more research and ideas on that topic in the future.

It appears that the finding of few or no silver rings may not be limited to the 1715 Fleet but also to the Atocha and Margarita.  That is what I found when I used the Mel Fisher Artifact Database.  A search for "silver rings" turned up no silver rings for the Atocha, Margarita or the 1715 Fleet.  That seems even more surprising and difficult to account for.

Searching for "gold ring" in the database, I found 37 gold rings listed, but no silver rings.  More than half were from the 1715 Fleet.  Again, no silver rings were listed at all, when the search included both the 1715 Fleet and the Atocha and Margarita.

I'm not sure how complete the database is, and I'm not sure how the filters work.  I assume that the database works fairly well, and it includes over 200,000 artifacts, so that sounds like a very good sample.

I'm going to continue researching this question.  I don't know if it can be answered.  I'm sure that there have been silver ring beach finds that have been attributed to Treasure Coast shipwrecks.  Are those attributions wrong, or are they exceptions.

We know that archaeologists have found some silver rings at Spanish colonial sites.  So far I have not been able to account for the reported total or relative lack of silver ring finds on the 1715 Fleet wrecks.

At the top of this post I'm showing two old silver beach finds.  It is difficult to determine how old they might be or where they came from.  They have no markings other than what you can see in the photo.

By the way, does anyone recognize the symbol on the ring.  If so, please let me know.


The wind and tides are not particularly favorable for beach hunting.  The surf is 2 to 3 feet.  It will be calm this weekend.

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