Friday, December 31, 2010

12/31 Report - Conditions Upgrade - Happy New Year!

Cut Treasure Beach This Morning.

I met Oliver Sudden this morning two times. The first was when visiting this treasure beach on the Treasure Coast. I was here a couple days before and there was nothing but sand piled deep everywhere, but this morning when I visited, Oliver Sudden, there it was - a big cut that went for about four hundred yards. The cut was two or three feet high.

As we end the year, here is one of the big metal detector finds of 2010. It is a Roman helmet that brought in over $3,000,000.

The first link talks about the find. And the second gives the price it brought in.

The last few days I've talked a bit about hunting modern coin holes because sometimes other things pop up in between the coins.

I spent most of my time today cleaning out some coin holes.

Here is what came out of two holes today.

Some of Today's Coin Hole Finds.

As you can see there were a mixture of things in the coin holes.

Part of those finds came from the hole that I showed yesterday. As I mentioned, the area directly below the cut yesterday was clean. I worked to the south of there yesterday. I wasn't planning on working that spot today, but I was going by and stopped and noticed that the water had pealed away a little more sand from the cut so I worked the area directly below the cut. The coin hole had been replenished so I couldn't pass it up.

I then visited the treasure beach that I am showing today and saw a surprising cut that ran for a few hundred yards. I couldn't pass it up either and spent some time checking it out too.

And then I was going to quit for the day but was passing another spot that I thought I would at least take a look at so I would know what was going on there, and it was too cut too pass up too, so I hunted some more.

Forecast and Conditions.

Well, to sum it up, I saw three improved beaches today. Two were old cuts that were improved over night, and the other was a brand new huge cut where there was none before. Although there are places that are not cut yet, there are so many cut beaches that an upgrade in my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Conditions Rating Scale from a 1 to a 2.

I've been talking about the modern coin holes, and there are still some good modern coin holes available, but now the erosion is hitting additional places, including some of the treasure beaches. While I don't believe the treasure beaches producing well, yet, by the cuts that I have seen, the conditions are better and the cobs have to be getting close. I sure wouldn't be surprised if some have already been found.

Even though the wind is out of the southeast and the seas are not predicted to increase much in the next day or two, sand levels are already low at some beaches and may continue to improve in spots.

You'll still have to hunt for those good spots, but I'm confident there will still be some out there.

Happy hunting,