Monday, December 13, 2010

12/14 Report - Religious Artifact Found & Santa Discovered

Nice Metal Detector Find From an Area Bordering the Treasure Coast.

Photo submitted by Will B. who found this great item. I really like religious artifacts like this.

I had a religious medallion from a 1715 Fleet site that was so encrusted that I thought it was a coin. I kept it with a bunch of coins that needed cleaned for the longest time. I didn't find out what was actually under the encrustation until I finally started to clean it with a bunch of coins.

If anyone has seen an item like Will's before or can offer any information or an opinion about the item, I'd be happy to receive any thoughts and pass along new information as we learn more.

The oldest known American figurine of Santa has been discovered at the site of an old toy factory in Akron Ohio.

A colonial American steel mill has been discovered. You might not think about steel mills as being part of the American revolution, but they were. The British discouraged enterprises like that because they wanted the colonies to ship raw materials to England where they would manufacture products to be sold back to the colonies. Still those rascally Americans persisted.

Here is the link to the story.

Found Bottles Turned Into Christmas Ornaments.

Here is an idea if you dig old bottles. You can turn them into Christmas tree ornaments. Just put a wire hanger in the open end and paint them if you want. They tend to be large so are probably best for outdoor trees.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is still out of the north/northwest and the cold is pushing in. Seas will be decreasing for the next few days. I don't know, but you might be able to find some cuts out there. I wouldn't expect any real good ones, but still worth looking.

As the seas decrease you might want to scout around for low tide spots that look good.

We have been getting enough wave action that there should be some artifacts to be found.

Let me know what you think of Will's find.

Happy hunting,