Friday, December 10, 2010

12/10 Report - Gold Plated Space Debris? & Rusted Iron Shipwreck Debris

Thin Sheet of Metal Plated With Gold That Tests Good at 18K.

This piece was found on the Treasure Coast, and the photo was submitted by Fred B. Fred said that when he found the piece it was folded over, and when he unfolded it he found the gold plating on what was the inside surface. Fred was wondering if it might be another piece from the space shuttle. I think that is very possible. Electronic components and probably other shuttle parts were gold plated.

Gold is a very desirable and useful metal, even for modern technological applications. Gold is around $1390 per troy ounce now. As I've mentioned, part of that is due to the decline in the dollar.

I once conjectured that someday there will be people going into space to salvage abandoned or wrecked space ships, satellites, etc. much like shipwrecks are salvaged today. I wonder what the most desirable finds will be then. I would guess that it would not be the gold.

Governments will probably want to control the process through salvage leases, and archaeologists will want the old space vehicles to be left alone to float in space in their natural deteriorating condition. The more things change the more they stay the same.

On a more earthly note, Lloyd D., who, in addition to detecting in places like the Bahamas (I posted some of his finds back in May) also looks for sea beans. I mentioned sea beans in a recent post, and Lloyd emailed me to say that the head ranger (some of you probably know Ed, who is also a detectorist) at the McClarty Museum wrote a book on sea beans and sells it at the museum.

The cut that I hunted the other day was present in about the same position last year. Many cuts are seasonal and tend to occur in about the same position on the beach year after year when conditions are right. I know quite a few spots and coin holes that are seasonal like that. That is one reason it is a good idea to write down when and where you find things. A review of your records might suggest hunting spots that would be good to try again this year.

Ol Rusted Iron Item Found Yesterday on the Treasure Coast.

I've recently mentioned how stones are washing up and being left at the top of new sand accumulations. Along with the stones you can sometimes find other items of similar size and density. This photo shows a very rusted iron item that was found where the stones were being deposited.

As I say, keep your eyes open. You never know what might pop up.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is still out of the north/northwest. That has been the same for a few days now. A consistent wind direction like that will have more effect than higher seas that constantly change direction. It is something like a blower. You keep it going in the same spot until a lot of the sand is moved. You wouldn't want to blow the sand in one direction for just a little while and then change where you are blowing because that would just fill the old hole back in. It is something like that with wind direction and the currents. Consistent unchanging conditions can have a larger cumulative effect on beach hunting conditions.

Seas will run about four feet today, so that isn't much change. I wouldn't expect much to change today or this week even though the seas tomorrow might be a foot higher.

Keep checking low tide areas and keep checking those eroded spots.

Happy hunting,