Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/8 Report - Space Shuttle Metal & Local Conditions & Lodging

Metal From Space Shuttle?

When I went back to check who sent this photo, it appears that I somehow managed to lose the original email. Would the sender please send another email so I can credit the photo?

I got an email reporting a number of these types of melted metal finds coming from Corrigan's lately.

I've talked about finding metal from the space shuttle before. Fred B. sent some of his pieces to NASA to be analyzed and provided some good information that is mentioned in my 3/26/2010 post. Fred told about some easy tests you can do on metal like this.

If you want to browse old posts on that subject use the search box for this blog and enter "space shuttle."

Oh, I got a good look at the rocket launch today as I walked north on the beach.

I think people don't use the search box enough.

I've had some requests about lodging on the Treasure Coast. If money is not an issue, places like the Holiday Inn in Vero or the Disney Resort at Sebastian are very well located. Most people want something less expensive though. In the past I asked for suggestions and here are a couple of recommendations that I received.

One person recommended The Sportsman Lodge (

Another person liked camping at the Sebastian Inlet State Park or the Long Point campground about three miles north of Sebastian.

When I lived down south I sometimes stayed at the Mariner Hotel on South Hutchinson Island. I noticed that it is still there but might now be under new management and is now called the Royal Inn.

I suspect that most of the small motels in that area would do the job and are probably relatively expensive.

Forecast and Conditions.

Photo of One Nice Cut Found on the Treasure Coast Today.

Generally, I've been seeing big accumulations of sand and small shells building up on many of the beaches. That is not a good sign for finding cobs, but isn't bad for finding some artifacts and non-metallic objects that will wash up.

Even though many of the beaches are accumulating sand, there are places where you can find a few cuts like the one shown in the photo above. You might have to do some walking to find them. They are relatively rare right now.

It looks like seas will remain around three or four feet for the rest of the week with possibly an increase around next week.

Happy hunting,