Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/21 Report - Silver Tumbaga Bar & Coin Auction

7 Pound Silver Bar for Sale on Ebay.

The seller doesn't tell where the bar was obtained. It has some nice markings on it. Maybe you can identify the source from the markings.

I received a couple of emails yesterday that included a little information that I'll pass along.

First, Mark E. says that he was picking up flakes of iron in front of the McClarty Museum that the museum personnel thought might be from a cannon.

Second, Jim M. said that south of the Rio Mar beach access, down around the bend, there was some erosion.

Otherwise, Mike and Jim both suggested that the beaches there were pretty clean.

That is a place that really changed after the hurricanes of 2004 and the subsequent beach renourishment. Before that there were eroding banks at the back of the beach that produced US silver coins. That was quite a few years ago now.

And today Mike T. said the gorget-like object that I showed yesterday might be a backing plate from watch FOB. I thought at one time the smaller ones, that were simiar to the posted object, might be boot heal plates or gun butt plates, but I've decided against those ideas now for various reasons. For one thing, I think the distribution of holes would be different. And also the plate is too light weight to be effective on a boot heal.

I've been showing some items that I can't identify lately. There is often not much economic value to items like that, but they can be valuable in another way. If you can figure out what they are for sure, it gives you an idea of what went on at that location and that might give you some clue of other items you might find in the area.

The information-value of finds is often more than the economic value. That is often true of plain junk. That is one reason I don't like to use discrimination. Even junk can tell you something about the area and where you should be looking.

As I've said before, if light materials are accumulating in an area, that is probably not the best area for hunting heavier materials like gold. That is one example of how the type of junk you are finding might tell you if you should move to another area or not. But if you use too much discrimination, you won't get that information.

The Bowers and Marena rare coin auction will be held January 4,2011 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. Near1y 1,700 lots of rare and desirable United State and Colonial-era coinage will be auctioned.

Here is the link for highlights of the auction and additional information.


Forecast and Conditions.

The seas are predicted to remain about the same until Friday when they will increase to about 5.5 feet. Again, that isn't that much and I wouldn't expect much change.

It sure has been cold this year.

The continual north winds that we have been having should help move some of that sand in the shallow water in front of the beach. Otherwise there isn't too much encouragement, especially with all the beach renourishment that is planned.

You really have to work for it these days.

After Christmas I'll probably do a series of posts on cobs.

Happy hunting,