Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/14/11 Report - Sedwick Coin Auctions, Odyssey Exhibit, and Mel Fisher Coin Info

Shipwreck Spikes.

Shipwreck spikes have at least two kinds of value. One is that they can point you to good shipwreck sites to hunt. Old shipwrecks often produce a lot of old spikes, and they are often one of the first clues to a nearby wreck for beach hunters.

They can have economic value too, especially when they are be documented to a named shipwreck.

These particular spikes are now on sale on ebay.

Two announcements from Sedwick Coins.

Our first “Internet only” auction has just been updated to show all the descriptions (also note a few corrections), and just TWO WEEKS remain until bidding ends at 9 pm EDT on July 28. Unlike our main auctions, this one is absentee-bid only, with no live session at the end, so don’t wait until the last minute!

As usual, the auction is hosted by iCollector (click here). Simply register to bid (or set up a new account on iCollector in seconds), browse the lots, and bid on them or bookmark them to watch. Bid your maximum so you won’t lose the item you really want. The iCollector platform will treat your bid as a “secret maximum” and only show the current high bid (which is reduced to one increment above the next highest bid). Your maximum can only be seen by YOU. If you are outbid, iCollector will notify you instantly. The difference is that there is no LIVE bidding at the end, and all the lots will close at the same time. Terms and conditions are the same as for any of our other auctions.

This auction of 789 lots features our first offering of silver cobs from the Sao Jose wreck of 1622, consisting of over 350 coins in over 90 lots, most most of them in groups of 3, 6 and 9 coins, as well as key dates and rarities in individual lots. You will also find a large Atocha silver bar, shipwreck and world coins (silver and gold), artifacts, books and documents. There is plenty here for the budget-conscious buyer, so take a look and plan to BUY!

If you missed the chance to view the auction lots in person at the Summer FUN show last week, please make an appointment to view the lots at our office in Winter Park (up until July 27, weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm).

Now is also the time to consign to our Treasure and World Coin Auction #10 (October, 2011). We are extending the consignment deadline to the ANA’s “World’s Fair of Money,” August 16-20, in Rosemont (Chicago, IL). If you want to consign at that show, please let us know ahead of time so we can adjust for insurance and baggage space. If you are not coming to the ANA show, please plan to ship your consignments to arrive BEFORE August 16, as we will not have time to process anything new after the show. We encourage you to come to the show and discuss your consignments in person.

SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure, an exhibit produced by Odyssey Marine will be at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX beginning October 1, 2011. The exhibit will be in Sarasota in late August. At the exhibit you can see 500 authentic artifacts,plus a variety of other exhibit and interactive displays.

For some good information on Spanish treasure coins, you might want to visit the Mel Fisher site.

Here is a link to that information.

Thanks to Jim M. for pointing this out to me.

Only a little more time to vote on the survey. I'd appreciate your input on that.

I'm going to skip the forecast and conditions report today. I don't have much time today and nothing has changed from yesterday anyhow.

It will be nice when the beaches finally change. Maybe we'll get a decent storm before long.

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