Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/19/11 Report - Finally! Beach Conditions Upgrade.

Cut on Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

Yesterday I showed a photo of the beach. The photo today is of the same place. Where there were two to three-foot cuts yesterday there were four-foot plus cuts today.

I stopped quickly at two beaches that I was going by this morning. The first had only some scallops and small cuts at a few scattered locations. It didn't look good at all.

The second and last place I looked at this morning was the one shown in the photo above. There were four foot cuts running for hundreds of yards. Evidently last night's high tide took some more sand away. However, the sand in front of the cut was very mushy - ankle deep everywhere.

You could see that the erosion had stopped at the time. The sea weed tells you that the light materials are now washing in. Hopefully the high tide will bring some more erosion. A lot of sand needs to be moved.

In the photo you can see where the waves were breaking. The swells would quickly build and break on the sand that has built up on the front of the beach. That sand extends out in front of the beach quite a few yards and protects the beach from much of the wave energy.

Despite the mushy sand, I think there is enough erosion to increase my beach conditions rating from a one to a two on my five point rating scale. That is means beach conditions have gone from poor to fair. So chances of finding a cob or other old shipwreck coin is improved but still not real good. All of that accumulated mushy summer sand is not encouraging. I'm just happy to give anything but a one for a change.

I do think someone might get lucky today or tomorrow.

A day or two ago I mentioned this webs site about maravedis and cobs, and mentioned that it is in the Spanish language.

Brad C. says that ... if you use google chrome as your browser and you have the translate extension installed, you can right click on the web site and hit translate to have the site translated from Spanish to English. Very handy, easy, and free.

Download Google chrome - www.google.com/chrome

Add Translate Extension - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/haabjpmedinjaeffhbdknikaciolnbkb?hl=en-US

Thanks for the info Brad.

Here is a link to a TV program from a series where they go after some of the most famous treasures. This segment is about the Ark of the Covenant and the Mayan Talking Cross. It's over forty minutes long.


I received an email indicating an interest in starting a St. Lucie area metal detecting club. I understand that there was one, but it is now inactive. Maybe I'll have more about that for you some other time.

TCAS is a very active club up in the Sebastian area. They have a web site if you want to look it up.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast

Bret is moving out to sea and away from us. He is now near 29.9N 75.9W.

The seas will be decreasing today and tomorrow will be really calm on Thursday.

That makes it unlikely that we'll have any additional improvement in beach conditions, but you never know.

There were some areas that I couldn't get to today, that I would have detected if the tide was lower. The calmer seas will make it easy to get out further into the low tide zone.

There was one target I couldn't retrieve today because the water kept filling the hole, but in a day or two those types of targets will be easier to retrieve.

Today I'd definitely be looking for any cuts, especially any that got to the bank at the back of the beach.

Happy hunting,