Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/20/11 Report - Calming Seas, Gold Prices & Pencils

People often ask why I don't give the name of the beaches that I show in my photos or tell where the cuts are. There are a few main reasons.

First, I don't want everyone running out to the same beach. I've had complaints the few times in the past when I did name a specific beach from the people who always detect that beach because of all the detectorists that suddenly showed up. That isn't good for anyone.

Second, I can't be everywhere and on any particular day that I do visit a beach or two, I can pretty much tell what is going on around the Treasure Coast, there might be a spot or two with a surprise. Although I can give a good general report, I can't say what every spot along the Treasure Coast is doing. There often are one or two spots that for one reason or another are a bit different.

Third, even though I'll give my observations and generalizations, you need to go out and check some of the beaches yourself. That is what treasure "hunting" is all about. It is part of treasure "finding." No hunt - no find. Take the hunt out of it, and you take a lot of the fun out of it. At least that is the way I see it. Who wants to sit and work a claim day after day if there isn't any hunt left in it.
I'm not much interested if there is nothing to do except hourly pick and shovel work.

One archaeologist at Appalachian State University asked a bunch of school children what the archaeologist's most important tool is. His answer was - a pencil to write down what you find and where.

As you might know, I often recommend good record keeping. For the detectorist, I would add at least one more important piece of information to write down - the date it was found.

Most people, I think, use a computer these days though.

Here is the link to that story.

This article sounds to me like the white man wasn't the only one to waste buffalo.
I'm not sure you could kill as many as it seems was reported killed in the following story and use everything. And if you did use all of it, why would the bones still be stacked on top of one another at the bottom of the jump? Seems to me that the politically correct interpretation might not hold.

Here is the link.

And here is a nice basic article on rising gold prices.

A couple of days ago when the price of gold went up about $12, about half of that increase was actually due to the decreasing value of the dollar.

Treaure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is from the west again, and the swells are down to two feet. Tomorrow the ocean will be even more calm.

I'm not reducing my beach conditions rating yet. There will be some good low tide hunting during the calm seas.

If you can find water hunting outside of the leased areas, it would be a good time to check to see what happened to the bottom conditions in the past couple of days. You might be able to find a new dip or churned area.

Bret is now up north. There is another low pressure area out there, but it is up and east of Bermuda, so won't affect us.

Happy hunting,