Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5/11 Report - Water Finds, Silver Whatzit, India Treasure, Roller Coasters

Finds by Michael H.

Michael say Ft. Lauderdale has been sanded in but he has found a few holes while water hunting that were productive. He says he has been reading this blog daily and improving his hunting skills.

Nice finds Michael.

A few days ago I received an email containing a lot of good information about a medallion that I originally posted back in 2008. After such a long time it was a surprise for me to finally get some new information about the medallion. I'm hoping that someone will be able to provide some new information about another item that I posted in the past.

Front and Side View of 10 Gram Silver Ingot or Weight Found on Shipwreck Beach.

This is the other object. I'm still very curious about it and although I have received some ideas about it from a few people, I haven't received much hard information and still am not confident at all that I know what it is. There is certainly more that I would like to know about it.

To repeat what I said in an older post, it appears that a wreath is stamped on the front under the much more heavily stamped 1. It is about the size of a large button, but there is no sign of a shank or place for a shank. It is a high grade of silver (acid tested). It weighs 10 grams.

Some people think that it might be a weight for a scale since it measures out at 10 grams. Someone told me they thought it might be a assay sample, with the wreath indicating the owner and the 1 indicating the sample number. Or it might just be a small ingot. I think these are all possibilities. I sure would like to hear if anyone has seen one like this before or has some thoughts on what it is.

India has long been on my radar screen as the place with greatest metal detecting/treasure hunting potential. I don't know a thing about their laws though, and would never set out to go there without a lot of research.

Here is an article about a treasure worth billions recently discovered in one Hindu temple. Thanks to Don for the link.



Looking for a new idea on a place to hunt during the summer? Have you ever noticed the people being spun and tossed by roller coasters at amusement parks? When I watch some of those modern roller coasters, the first thing I think about is where all of the coins and things would land. I guarantee you a lot of good things will be lost.

Here is an article that tells a little about how many things are lost by people on roller coasters.


It might be worth trying to get permission to hunt some of those areas.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

You might as well remove all of those sparkler wires. Otherwise they will be there to mask any good targets forever.

The wind is from the east/southeast today. Not much wind.

The seas will be about two feet for the next few days and then slacking off even more.

It seems to me that thunder storms might churn up more in narrowly localized spots more than anything else.

There is nothing going on in the tropics either.

That isn't very encouraging, but you can still find a few things out there if you work hard for it and use your head.

Happy hunting,