Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/11 Report - Civil War & Indian Research

Treasure Coast Sunrise This Morning.

Lobster Mini-season will begin tonight at midnight and runs through Thursday

Yesterday I gave you some good research leads from the Tequesta. The Tequesta is a great source of information on Florida history. I also showed a picture of a relic dug up in the Brickell area.

That area has a lot of history and a number of big treasure finds, including barrels and chests of treasure - the kind of thing dreams and fortunes are made of.

Some of the fresh water springs in that area were used by passing ships to replenish water supplies.

One treasure that was dug up in that general area was found by a man that invested in the early days of the Sears department stores.

With all of the focus on hunting modern jewelry down there, I think a lot of people would be surprised by the number of buried pirate and shipwreck treasures that have come from South Florida.

Key Biscayne and Coconut Grove have both produced more than their fair share, not to mention the lower Keys and up in the Broward and Palm Beach areas.

Here is a good article from the Tequesta on Miami during the Civil War. Also mentioned in the article are the Indian River and St. Lucie inlet.

Besides the local settlers and actions related to the war, it talks about the Sagamore, blockade running, wrecking, and shipping commerce in the area.

There is a good map too, as well as some nice old pictures and some good treasure hunting leads.

Here is the link if you are interested.


And here is another great article - this one on the Indians of Florida.


IF you want to do anything more than hit the same old beaches all the time, it is a good idea to do your library research.

I know of people that in recent years have found chests and buried silver bars. So it is still possible, but you have to branch out and explore a little to have a chance.

Those articles along with the ones I posed yesterday should get your detecting juices flowing. When beach conditions are not good, you can make good use of your spare time by doing some research.

I added a new survey to the blog this morning.

If you are a little crafty, you can turn sea shells into nice pieces of jewelry.

Here is what one person on the Treasure Coast is doing.


Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is from the south/southwest. The sea has picked up a little, now running around two feet. That could be enough to freshen up some spots.

Still my beach conditions rating is poor. My rating scale is based upon the probability of finding shipwreck cobs, in case I haven't mentioned that lately.

You can still find a few other things, such as iron artifacts, even though that is not as good as it was a few weeks ago.

That tropical wave is still down below Cuba. There is now a 20% chance that it will develop into a cyclone.

It looks to me like it will go into the Gulf if it does develop.

Happy hunting,