Monday, July 18, 2011

7/18/11 Report - Tropical Storm Bret & Beach Cutting Begins

Cut on Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

Thanks to Tom H. for the photo.

I'll jump right into the conditions report today since there is actually a change, even though it is only a slight change.

The low pressure area off of Cape Kennedy that I mentioned the other day, did develop. It is now tropical storm Bret, and is still in roughly the same position.

Bret caused an increase in seas on the Treasure Coast, up to around three to five feet. And more significant than that, it actually caused some erosion.

There were some cuts this morning, although not great cuts. I got a report of two foot cuts on one beach, but the slope in front of those cuts was not very steep and it was very mushy.

From what I can tell, the cuts were not good enough to cause a change in my beach conditions rating. I'm sticking with a 1 rating, but if there is much more erosion I might be issuing a 2 rating.

My scale is a five-point scale going from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating poor, and 5 excellent hunting conditions for finding cobs and other precious metals from shipwrecks on the beach.

Even though we got some cuts today, there is so much sand to be moved that I think it will take some more erosion to improve hunting conditions. There is so much mushy sand out in front of the beaches that I don't think they will become productive real quick.

In a couple days you might find improved hunting in the low tide areas. The wave action is probably enough to freshen up the beach fronts.

I didn't hear of any shells in the splash zone and don't believe that the water got to the banks anywhere.

I believe you will find the cuts where the coast slopes more from northeast to southwest. I wouldn't expect much on the beaches that run directly north to south.

If you hunt long and hard or are just lucky enough to be in the right spot, you might find a surprise or two.

Gold and silver are doing really well. Gold is at about $1600 an ounce. Unless I'm mistaken that is a new high.

At the same time the dollar is strong this morning. Otherwise the increase in gold and silver prices in dollar terms would have been even bigger.

I'm still expecting continued dollar weakening and increasing precious metals prices for some time. But who knows? Certainly not I.

I've been cleaning some shipwreck items lately and noticed how quickly iron artifacts fall apart if they come from a salt water environment and are left in open air.

If you don't want your artifacts to deteriorate, start the preservation process right away.

I've given a web site in the past that tells how to clean and preserve various materials.

I really regret letting some things go in the past. There is a lot to do after you find an item. Don't let your artifacts sit and deteriorate.

When you find something and don't know what it is, treat it gently. Don't over-clean it or use the wrong cleaning process.

Special care should be taken with heavily encrusted objects and iron objects. You never know what might be under the crust.

Remove crust very carefully and very gently. Use the least harsh methods first even if it seems you aren't getting anywhere fast.

It can be disappointing to find out that you had a very nice item but damaged it somehow.

Learn about cleaning and preservation techniques and ask questions when you aren't sure.

Here is a great web site that might help you learn to identify old reigious items.

I have a correction for my 7/10/11 post. Laura Strolia conducted further research and found that the scapular showing a galleon on it was actually Carmelite.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast.

Seas are now expected to reach five feet on the Treasure Coast later today. That is more than I was expecting this morning.

The wind is from the northeast and the swells coming in from a direction that makes more cutting a distinct possibility. I would expect more cuts after high tide today, but nothing really major. Yet compared to what we've been having it is at least something.

I remember when people used to say that I was too optimistic. Well, I haven't given anything but a poor rating for a long time now.

After today the seas will be decreasing again, down to about two or three feet tomorrow, and then down to about one foot later this week.

Later this week should be a good time to get out to see if there is anything new in the low tide area and in the water.

I think that is all for now.

Happy hunting,