Friday, July 8, 2011

7/8/11 Report - Rock Traps, Shuttle Debris, & Big Caches

Treasure Coast Beach at Low Tide This Morning.

This is one of those beaches with a broad flat low tide one that I've been talking about.

They seem slightly more promising than the more convex beaches with the steeper front.

Here is a shout out to Steve and Bernie.

The last space shuttle launch took off today. I couldn't see it at all from my area because of the clouds. I've been finding a lot of titanium lately too. It is light enough to come in with the new sand and shells.

Here is a tooth-shaped one that I found yesterday.

It seems like I've been running into and talking a lot about rocks lately. Some people think I have rocks in my head. Maybe they're right.

Anyhow this morning I decided to detect one of those spots where there is a broad low flat front beach. I had a lot of signals, but most of the targets were trapped by ..... you guessed it - rocks. And when I say trapped, I mean trapped. Not only were they caught by the rocks, but they were down in cracks and crevices where I couldn't get them out. Well, I could have gotten them out, but it would have taken a chisel or something and a lot more work than I was ready for, and it wouldn't have looked good with me out there chipping away at those rocks. So most of them are still there.

In the process I picked up some fossil teeth and some neat sea glass.

One problem with those broad flat low tide areas is the sheer amount of space to be covered. It is better to run a loose pattern to try to locate the better spots to focus on. That is what I call sampling.

It seems I've been running across information about huge hoards lately. First there was the one in the temple in India, and now I see 4 tons of ancient coins were found in China.

Here is the link to the story about the hoard in China.

And here is a story about piles of old coins found in Pennsylvania home.

Wouldn't that be a lot of fun? Not only finding the coins, but then researching them.

Cache hunting is low probability but high reward. That's the way it usually is. High probability, low reward, or low probability, high reward.

You have to have extra patience and perseverance to target the low probability high reward targets. It helps to know yourself. Some people are always frustrated because they don't match their goals with their characteristics.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is still out of the southwest. The seas are relatively calm, running about two feet.

It looks like the seas will gradually decrease further until they are down to less than a foot towards the end of next week.

There is a low pressure zone hanging over Florida and bringing us rain. It doesn't look like it will disappear real soon.

It looks like the tourist and sun bathing areas on the Treasure Coast are pretty clean. You'll probably have to work some of the harder areas to do very well. Most of the dry sand is pretty clean, except for the firework junk, of course,

Happy hunting,