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7/19/12 Report - $38 Million of Silver Recovered & The Fort Pierce Collection

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Silver Bars (Odyssey Marine)
 I mentioned Odyssey Marine Explorations yesterday and the big jump in it's stock prices.  It appears that the reason for that increase in stock price was probably the recent recovery of $38 million in silver from the Gairsoppa.

Here is a link to an article about that recovery.

And here is a more detailed article, including a nice slide show.

Thanks to Terry T. for both of those links.

You all probably know about the Indian Mound and site of the 18th Century Seminole War stockade just south of Fort Pierce.  The site, at least part of it, is now a park and you can stop, read the marker and walk up the mound.

This is not the site of Fort Capron, which I've talked about before.  That is north of Fort Pierce.

Below is a link to a report by Carl Clausen (1970) on the Fort Pierce Collection.   The Fort Pierce Collection refers to the artifacts collected from the site of the Second Seminole War Army post by Don Neiman from 1965 to 1967. 

Don donated the collection to the St. Lucie County Historical Society.  I presume the collection is still there.  Maybe I should look into that.

Model of Old Fort Pierce (From the Clausen report.)

The report includes an especially nice collection of pictures of military buttons of the period.  It also shows photos of  bottles, pipes, buckles, nails and spikes and other artifacts.

Thanks to all the hard-working tax-paying citizens who provided funding for Clausen's work.

Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

No change in conditions again.  Seas still running two to three feet.  Wind from the south.  And low tide at about 2:45.

There are still some places where you can find lighter materials accumulating.   And some miscellaneous things in the low tide area.

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