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7/2/12 Report - Treasure Coast Found Pieces of Silver

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Unmarked Silver Found by Dan A. on Treasure Coast Beacch
Can you believe half of the year is over already?

Dan A. found this cob-size piece of silver just South of Sebastian Inlet near some nice cuts about a week ago.  The object is just short of one inch at the widest.   He acid tested it.

Thanks for the photo and report Dan.

Unfortunately there appears to be absolutely no markings.   It could possibly be a worn cob or a piece of silver off of some other broken artifact.

The very first piece of 1715 Fleet silver I found, was very flat and thin with no markings at all.   (See photo below.) 

Those are sometimes called "razors."  When I first found the razor, I thought it was a worn cob, but now I think it is more likely a piece of silver off of some artifact.  When you have no markings at all, it is nearly impossible to tell.

Below I am also showing a photo of another piece of silver found on a Treasure Coast beach, but that one is very ornate and you can tell it is definitely not a cob.  It appears to be a decorative piece off of some other object. 

Dan W. has been finding a lot of those melted aluminum looking globs that sound like the bits of titanium that I've talked about before.  You can find discussion of the possible source of those pieces and how to test for titanium in some of my old posts.

Two Thin Silver "Razors.;

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Caveman bones yielding DNA were found.

Here is the link for that story.

That guy had good teeth.  Did you see that jaw?  Must have had good dental care in those days.

Ornate Silver Found on Treasure Coast Beach

Not  much to say about beach detecting conditions.  Still a lot of sand and nothing to change that.

It looks like we'll have smooth seas for a few days.

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