Friday, July 13, 2012

7/13/12 Report. - Storm Shipwreck & New Technologies Paying Off

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Not Exciting Treasure, But Useful Stuff.
Some of you are probably wondering why I'm showing you a flashlight and the other thingy.  Well, they were among my finds this morning, and the funny thing is that I was going to buy one of those thingies, whatever it is called, because I had a couple of nice drills without the keys.   But there it was.  And it fits my drills.   That saves me a few pennies and a shopping trip.

Like I always say, you can find almost anything on a beach.  This find was well-timed pleasant surprise for me.

I don't mind having the flash light either.  Despite being dug from down about a foot in wet sand, it still works fine.  I was surprised to see that it still works.

I'll talk more about some other things I found this morning some other time.

A conglomerate containing a musket, sword and neck of a wine bottle was recovered from the Storm Wreck near the St. Augustine lighthouse.  It is thought to be a late 1700s wreck.

Here is the link to that article.

Computer tomography has been used to examine coins while still concealed inside pots or  other archaeological artifacts. 

Here is the link if you want to learn more about that.

Some think that a LiDAR survey  has identified the location of the fabled White City of Gold in an overgrown and remote Honduran jungle.

Yesterday I posted a link to an article about a gold cache found in an air conditioning unit.  Here is a link to a story about a man who found a baseball card collection possibly worth $3 million in the antic of his grandfather's house.

Here is a tip for mothers who have boys who have sports memorabilia collections.   Don't throw the collection away when the boys go away to college or whatever.   Boys with sports memorabilia collections probably hope to become men with sports memorabilia collections.   Sports collections are not considered to be  toys and, despite what you might think, the boys probably won't grow out of it.

One of the things I like about doing this blog is hearing from a lot of very nice people.  There are a lot of kind considerate helpful people involved in treasure hunting. 

I feel like I know some of you very well even though we've only exchanged emails and we've never met.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions and Forecast.

Conditions haven't changed much.  The beaches and shallow water are mostly still very sandy.

The seas are a little rough today.   The wind is from the east/southeast.  

The seas  will be a little rougher, reaching a peak of about four feet on Sunday and Monday.

Happy hunting,