Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26/12 Report - Silver Bar, Mystery Item & Joined Copper

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Atocha Silver Bar

This Atocha silver bar with COA was offered for sale on eBay.  Although there was a bid of $35,000, the reserve was not met.   If I remember correctly this bar was about 26 or 28 pounds in weight.

That is about the size of the silver bar that I told you about a week or so ago, that I saw brought into a shop by one hunter a number of years ago.  It was one of several that he found.

Here is another dug item for identification.   It was dug by Bill M.   I've shown some of his other finds in recent posts.

Mystery Lid for ID
I think someone will be able to identify this one.   It appears to be a lid.   He isn't sure of all the words, but believes he can make out " products are supreme" with a name at the bottom, part of the name being "louis."

I always advise holding onto items.  Sometimes they'll sit around for a long time and then you'll look at the item and notice something interesting that you never noticed before.   Sometimes that happens because in the mean time you've learned something that now makes something significant that you never paid any attention to before.

That happened to me just last night when I noticed that a dug piece of copper was actually made of two pieces that had been put together.   I had recently read somewhere about how two pieces of copper were often cut in strips, sometimes from an old item, and then patched together to make a new item.

Joined Copper Pieces

I looked at this piece of copper and noticed what looked very much like the illustration that I had seen.  The piece of copper appeared to show a  zipper-like pattern.  You can see in the photo how the top appears to be patched to the bottom with a zipper pattern in between.   That is is exactly the type of thing I had seen in an illustration.

Detecting is an activity that keeps on giving.  You just keep learning more all the time.  A lot of the fun occurs after you make a find.  Then you often have some research to do.

Archaeologists excavated a skeleton to see if it might be the skeleton of Mona Lisa.

Here is the link.

There is a prop wash deflector now for sale on eBay in case you want one.

We still have that West wind and calm seas.  The seas are running down around one or two feet.   Of course that means no significant change in detecting conditions. 

Low tide will be around 8:00 and 8:30 today.

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