Sunday, July 29, 2012

7/29/12 Report - Captain Henry Morgan's Fleet & More

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Here is the same spot that I showed about two weeks ago ( See July 14 post.).  Anyhow, I visited the same spot Saturday morning and once again found it productive.  Once again, there were encrusted modern coins and a few other things down a few inches - not quite as deep as those that I found at the same place on my last visit.

I mentioned last time that coins and other things can get stuck under bushes.  Rocks, bushes, fallen trees and other things can create traps for small objects.   The photo below shows where one target was dug under a bush.

I once dug five mercury dimes in one scoop at the end of a fallen palm tree that was laying on the beach. 

I met a nice fellow on the beach this morning, who told me where I should go detecting.  That was nice of him.  He wasn't detecting, though.

In September 2010 six iron cannons believed to have belonged to one of the most famous privateers of all, Henry Morgan, were discovered off the coast of Panama near the Chagres River.  Last summer, a 17th century wooden shipwreck was found that could be one of the five ships Morgan lost  in 1671 on the shallow Lajas Reef.  Additional excavations are being conducted at the site this summer in the hope of identifying the wreck.                        

Here is a link for more on that story.

And here is one of those stories of a lost wedding ring being found and returned years after being lost.  This one was found by a kayaker on the beach of a  lake without the aid of a metal detector.

Keep your eyes open.

Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions

The wind is from the South and the seas flat.   The seas will remain flat for a few more days at least.

There has been no change in conditions and none expected real soon.
Low tide will be around 11:30 and midnight.

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