Friday, July 20, 2012

7/20/12 Report - US Military Uniforms, Accoutrements and Weapons & Great White Sharks

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Large Fossil Great White Tooth
I hope you liked Clausen's report on the Fort Pierce collection that I posted yesterday as much as I did.  It should be especially helpful when researching local military finds of that period.  The button collection is really great.

I've seen  a pewter feather holder for a Seminole head dress that was once dug in the Fort Pierce area.

Here is a great source of information.   It is a survey of US military uniforms, weapons and accoutrements, beginning in the early 1800s and continuing up through the modern day.

You can check out the change in uniforms, buttons, swords, insignia and all kinds of things.  It should be helpful in identifying the age of finds as well as the identity.

It is a large PDF file, so will take a while to load.

A Great White shark was sighted by divers near Fort Pierce.  They say it is not common to see Great Whites around here.

Here is that link submitted by Jim M.    Thanks Jim.

I saw a whale breaching in the ocean a couple of months ago.

I'll mention this again because I'd like to get responses.   I have the feeling that sharks might sense and be repelled by the electornic pulses being transmitted by metal detectors.  I've seen them heading directly at me and then suddenly turn and quickly head off in another direction.  Of course that might not have anything to do with the metal detector.  Any ideas on that?

Great Whites may have been more common around here in ages past - even in the river. The photo at the top of this post shows a Great White fossil tooth found on the banks of the Indian River.  It is over two inches and has nice serrations.  Keep your eyes open while detecting.

Still no change in detecting conditions.  The seas are flat.  South/southeast winds.  Low tide around 3:30.

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