Thursday, July 5, 2012

7/5/12 Report - Couple Recent Treasure Coast Beach Finds

Broken Iron Spike
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Despite the recent lack of erosion and sandy conditions around most of the Treasure Coast together with the smooth seas, you can still find an occasional shipwreck item.  Treasure coins are very scarce.

I'm showing a couple recent possible shipwreck finds today.

First is what appears to be a piece of a large broken spike.  It was very heavily encrusted.  I was curious enough to see what I could learn about this one that I took the crust off almost immediately.  My usual practice is to let things sit for a while before doing much of anything.  Sometimes I'll have an idea about how to proceed.  This time I removed the crust right away to see what was under there.

The second item is a shard of some sort.  The material looks very much like pot shard except for one thing that seems unusual to me.  The shard seems to be made of two distinct layers.  You can see the layers in the second photo of that item.

This is the type of thing you can find simply walking around and keeping your eyes open.  No detector needed.

Looks Like a Straight Edge Along Right Side

First off, it is a different shape from most beach post shards.  It is not shaped like a jar or container.  It is thinner than the olive jar shards that I've seen.   It seems to have an edge and the inner layer does not go all the way to what I think was the edge of the object.  Otherwise it looks like there were two layers to most of the object.

I'm thinking maybe it was rectangular and maybe decorative, but I'm stuck on the idea that the two types of material were intentional and functional.  Of course I don't know that.  In fact, it might not be very old.  I've never seen the two layers on old shipwreck pot shards before.
Inner Layer Except Along Straight Side
If anyone has any ideas about why this was made in two different kinds of layers, please let me know.  Maybe they just ran out of the original batch of material and finished with another kind, but I don't think that it is. 

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of coin forgeries of all types by the Chinese.  Even grading agencies are having trouble detecting the new forged coins.

Here is the link to that story.

It looks like we'll have flat seas again today.  The next couple of days, it might be a little rougher - up a foot or two, but nothing significant.

Low tide is around four o'clock.  Winds calmer today.

I'd expect a good number of recent drops today.  Also a good bit of fireworks trash.

You might want to hit the bathing beaches today.

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