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7/21/12 Report - St. Marks River & Heisman Club & Fish Teeth

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First, I'll let you try to figure out what this is.  I found it in the ocean when I dug up a ring.  There it was in the scoop with the sand and ring.  I didn't know what it was but thought it was unusual enough to keep until I found out what it was.  I'll give you the answer below.

I've received comments concerning the excellent resources that I've been posting lately.   I think they are very useful myself.   It always helps to have a broad awareness of the different types of old objects that you might dig up or just see while out there on the beach.

As you may know, the St. Marks River was an important highway in the early days of Florida, all the way back to the early 18th Century and even earlier than that.  The Florida Anthropologist printed a nice, but short, paper on an exploration of the St. Marks.   A swivel cannon, pistol, bayonet, and artifacts of various periods were found.  

They may have found the remains of an old fort as well as docks.  This is a not a new article, but still interesting. 

Here is the link.

The particular article I am talking about is on page 44-49 (by Fairbanks).

I always like looking at artifacts, especially those which have been identified to a particular time period.

The water level of the Mississippi River is dropping.

That will undoubtedly lead to a few new archaeological discoveries, as things become exposed.

The point for us is to remain aware not only of any erosion, but also of lowered water levels.  Both can expose interesting things.

OK.  It's time for the answer to the mystery object above.  It is a fish tooth plate that would be used to grind shellfish or other prey, possibly from a fish such as a Redfish.

Here is a very different kind of  beach find.  It is a small lapel pin, obviously of modern origin.  I haven't yet found out what the Heisman Club is.   I don't think it would be worn by Heisman candidates, or winners, but I guess that is remotely possible.  I'd certainly like to hear from anyone that knows.

Well I've covered a lot of ground today - from fish teeth to 18th century artifacts to football memorabilia.

We just aren't getting any changes in detecting conditions.  The wind is still mostly from the south, and the seas smooth.

Low tide is a little after 4:00.

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