Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4/10/13 Report - St. Lazarus Medallion, Rosario of the Tierra Firma Fleet, & Treasure Coast Beach Conditions

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Gold Medallion Metal Detector Find Identified..

First, I found out about the medallion that I showed yesterday.  It depicts St. Lazarus.  Fred D., my fossil expert, gave me that answer. 

Thanks Fred!

St. Lazarus is described in Luke 16:20 - 16:31, where Jesus tells about a beggar named Lazarus, who had sores that were licked by dogs as he laid at the gate of a rich man hoping to receive a few crumbs.  Both Lazarus and the rich man died - the beggar, who had sorrows in life, being carried away by angels, and the rich man, who had much in life, was tormented in hell.  The rich man asked that he could go and warn his brothers before they ended up like him, but that was impossible. 

Although the story of Lazarus in Luke 16 was told by Jesus to make a point and is considered by some to be a parable, others consider the beggar Lazarus to be the brother of Mary and Martha who Jesus raised from the dead (John 11). 

The animals that I thought were sheep, are actually dogs. 

I was not previously aware of St. Lazarus.  That just goes to show once again, you can learn a lot of different types of things through the metal detecting hobby.

Here is a recent article on the salvage of the Rosario of the Tierra Firme fleet.

I went out to take a look at some of the beaches yesterday (Tue.) near low tide.  I saw some big projects.  From Jensen Beach all the way up to Normandy Beach tons of sand have been added to the beach.  I can't say that I'd ever seen a bigger renourishment project.  Not only has the sand been dumped on a very long stretch, but it is piled high and even up on top of some of the vegetation.  I thought that was strange, since it is illegal to walk on the dunes and sea oats, yet they dumped feet of sand on top of  the vegetation on the dunes. 

It will be a long time before that sand is removed.   Not from the front beach, as we've already seen that disappearing, but from the back beach. 

The turtle nests and vegetation are now covered under tons of sand, but I can't imagine what has been done to the shallow-water flora and fauna.

A lot of snow birds were sun bathing on a strange looking mound of sand near the back beach.  (See video clip below.)

At John Brooks (below), I could see the line where a small cut had previously existed.  It was now pretty much filled in.  The sand on the front beach there was very mushy.

It looks like beach detecting conditions will remain poor through the week.  The wind will be coming mostly from the south and Wednesday the surf will be 2 - 4 feet.  As the week progresses, the surf will decrease.  Between the small surf and south winds, there isn't much hope.   You'll have to use your brain during conditions like that, and maybe try a few new things.

 When beach conditions are poor, it is a good time to experiment and explore.

I'm looking forward to some good quiet seas and low tides later this week.  

Don't fight it.  Go with the flow.  There is always some place to detect and something to find.

Happy hunting,