Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/30/13 Report - 4000 Year-Old Gold Beads, Coins In Pond, & British Surveyor's Camps On Treasure Coast

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Coins At Bottom of Pond When Water Was Lowered.
I was on a little trip yesterday and ran across a pond where the water had been lowered.  The spot shown in the photo was by a bridge where people evidently threw in or dropped coins.  With the water lowered you could see these coins on the surface. 

The coins were spread over a larger area, but this is the best concentration that I saw at first glance.

I'm always interested in ponds, rivers, streams or almost any body of water.  When the water is lowered either naturally or by man, it could present a rich opportunity.

I especially like areas by old bridges.  Hunt hard bottoms or deeper areas as opposed to places that sand or mud accumulates.  

At times it could be worth moving recent accumulations of sand or mud to get to the buried deeper targets.  The shallow areas will also often be filled with aluminum and other junk.

You might recall that I talked about a British salvage camp on the Treasure Coast not too long ago.  One author of a history book contacted me and said that the salvage camp might have actually been a surveyor's camp.  While researching in the National Archives he found that "the English had surveyed the Florida coast in the late 1700s."  The "coastal survey party included armed soldiers to protect the surveyors."  You might recall that I said that 60th British Foot military buttons from the late 1700s were found at the camp site. 

The British camp site that I talked about was found in the same area as one of the Spanish salvage camps but may have been misinterpreted, according to my source.  He also said, "... the English moved their camp up and down the coast in areas requiring to be mapped and there are more of them out their somewhere."

Now that is good information that you're not likely to just run across anywhere.  I want to shout out a note of thanks from me and this blog's readers to my source.

A robot was used to discover a chamber in an old temple in Mexico.

Here is the link to read more about that.


In another story, the four thousand year old skeletal remains of a woman wearing these gold beads has been found.

Four Thousand Year Old Gold Beads
Photo from following link.

Here is the link to that story.


The surf on the Treasure Coast is still a little rougher than it has been, about 4 - 6 feet.  I haven't been out to check the beaches for a day or so, so won't comment much more on beach detecting conditions until I get a chance to take a look.

The wind is from the southeast, which is not encouraging.  And the high tides are fairly high, but the low tides not very low.  That is also not encouraging right now, but might turn out to be helpful in a few days.

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