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4/16/13 Report - Treasure of the San Miguel, Mystery Item, and Gold Dust & Nuggets

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Robert K. Gold Dredging.
Photo submitted and rights owned by Robert K.
I've said before that the readers of this blog have a lot of experience. 
Here is one, Robert K. doing some gold dredging.
Nice photo Robert.  That looks like a lot of fun.
I always recommend participating in as many different types of treasure hunting as you can.  You'll learn something from one type that can be applied to another.
There is a lot that you can learn from creeks and rivers that applies to the beach.  Moving water is moving water.
As you might know, gold dust has been found in the water at the Rio Mar wreck site.  That goes back a lot of years.
Some attempts were made to dredge the gold dust there, but it never worked out too well.
Gold nuggets have also been found on some Treasure Coast beaches.  Gold nuggets were found at the Winter Beach salvage camp and also down by the House of refuge, to name two. 

It seems the Treasure Coast might be bigger than we thought.  One of the ships of the 1715 Fleet might have been found way north of the Treasure Coast.  Way north of Cape Canaveral too.
 There are some who think that the wreck site of the San Miguel is in Nassau Sound, not far from Amelia Island.

Items such as a jewelers furnace found up there back in 1993 might be connected to the San Miguel.

The San Miguel is thought to have contained a treasure worth up to $2 billion, making it one of the most valuable shipwrecks that has not yet been salvaged.

The Polly-L, which has spent a lot of time working our local Treasure Coast waters in the past, will soon be out looking for the San Miguel in Nassau Sound.

Here is the link for the rest of that story. 

Ray M. sent me that link.  Thanks Ray!
Unidentified Gold and Copper Object Dug at Two Feet
Photo submitted by Doug Y.
Above is a photo of an object that was dug at a depth of about two feet.  Could it be a gorget?
You might remember the Toledo Scale Co. mystery objects that I posted a while back.  This object along with a variety of other artifacts was found in the same general area by Doug Y. and his hunting buddy.
The price of gold dropped nine percent Monday, the biggest one-day drop for gold in 30 years.  The high was $1888, back in 2011.
Silver prices dropped 12 percent Monday.
One person wrote in saying how bad the beach looked where all that sand had been pumped down around Jensen Beach.
As you probably know, beach detecting conditions have not been good on the Treasure Coast lately.  Still, it is possible to find iron and other small shipwreck artifacts at a few sites.  Shipwreck cobs are very scarce, but spikes and things like that are still being found in small numbers at a few places like the ones I've been describing.
On the Treasure Coast the surf will be around 2 - 3 feet on Tuesday, remaining around two feet for much of the week.
The wind will generally be from the East.
Low tide Tuesday will be close to 6:30 AM.
Hope you all got your taxes done.
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