Monday, April 29, 2013

4/29/13 Report - Small Gold Find, Battle of Okeechobee & Vero Fossils

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Small 14K Charm Find From
a Treasure Coast Beach.
There were a lot of beach goers this weekend.  It looked like everybody was either on the beach or in a boat.

Even though conditions for finding old shipwreck items haven't been good, you can still pick up some other things.  

Here is one small gold find.  It is on the tip of my little finger.

I haven't talked much about fossils from the Treasure Coast lately, mostly because I haven't been seeing many of them.  You probably know that Vero is where one very famous fossil was found.  Vero has some good fossil sites.

Here is an older paper on Vero fossils.  It presents a lot of good information even though it is not recent.

Just a little west of the Treasure Coast is the field where the Battle of Okeechobee took place in 1837. 

The troops of Zachary Taylor took a beating there as the Seminoles out-witted Taylor and the Missouri Volunteers.

The battlefield is threatened by development and a State Park has been created to preserve the area.

Here is a link to learn more about the battle of Okeechobee.

I got out to take a quick look at the beach yesterday afternoon just before low tide.  The surf didn't look as rough as was expected, but it was supposed to be smaller in the middle of the day, so I probably didn't see the big surf.   It was supposed to get bigger later in the day when the tide got higher too.

I didn't see too much that was very encouraging.  There was only a hint of a cut at one location.  The slope down to the beach was generally mushy where I was. 

Below is a quick video showing one spot that I saw yesterday.

I did see a few areas where the beach gradually curve to the west.  That seemed to me like it was caused by a recent movement of sand and if I had more time, I would have checked a couple of those places with my detector.

If the surf turned out to be fairly high when the tide got high, there might have been some places that improved a little yesterday, but nothing dramatic.  I haven't been out to take a look since yesterday afternoon.

I'd mostly be checking out those places on the beach where the beach moved a little west yesterday.

And if you want, you can check out some of the beaches that were busy Sunday for recent drops.

Little gold items like the one shown above, can easily slide off of a chain and bury in the sand just enough to be hard to find.

For small gold items like that, good technique can be a big help.  If you are getting the smalls, you are doing something right. 

Sand is being pumped onto the beach just south of the Fort Pierce inlet again.

And the cost of the project over by the Fort Pierce Marina cost us 18.8 million dollars.  Aren't you glad you pay taxes.  They'll spend it as fast as you send it in - actually faster.

Happy hunting,