Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4/2/13 Report - Dug Mystery Objects, Beach Renourishment Sand & 17th Century Shipwreck

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Three Dug Mystery Objects
Submitted by Doug Y.

I always like a good mystery.  This appears to be one. 

Here is what Doug told me.

We found them on a site on west St. Andrews Bay in the Panhandle. The depths found for each was apprx. 12-14 inches for 2 and a bit deeper on the other.  I took one to a place that buys gold and silver, they acid tested it and said it was silver, weighed 77 grams and offered to buy it at bullion value.

... I (Doug) cleaned one by laying it on alum. foil and soaking with baking soda and hot water for a few minutes. My buddy cleaned the one he had found with Lava and a toothbrush. The other one I left alone because the lettering showed up better uncleaned.

You're right, it looked like lead to me, but I didn't really try to polish them. He did say they weren't pure silver like a Spanish coin.

The letters are raised, but inverted. There is nothing on the backs that I can make out however, one of the coins is missing the 1 in the middle and has the word POUND on it so we may have 2 coins with the front and 1 with the back. The one Ronnie found is more of a perfect circle, on one of mine you can see the over pour and the other looks like it might have been pried out of the mold.
The weights are inconsistent, 1 is 77 grams, 1 is 59 grams.

The color differences might be due to the different methods of cleaning.

Notice the big "1" on the middle of the two on the right, which appears to be a little different on the two items.  You have to look closely.

The one of the left says "POUND" at the top, inverted.  At the 7 to 8 o'clock position, seems to say "TOLE?."  Again inverted.  And then F.CO, (strangely not inverted) at about the 3 o'clock position.

The bottom one on the right seems to have something like "??OZ?A??" near the bottom left and "??OZ??" near the top right.  The OZ might also be O5 or O2.   I'm having trouble getting my mind into reading inverted.

I'm reminded of the silver button-like mystery object with a similar "1" in the middle that I've posted a couple of times.  Also, the FEC seals that I've shown.

At this point, I'll let you all take over.   I don't want to bias your thinking.   Take a look.  It sure would be nice if someone could identify these.  

Please let me know if you have any ideas on what these are.  Hopefully together we'll be able to solve this.

Nice finds Doug and Ronnie!

Yesterday I posted a photo of the renourishment project at Jensen Beach.  Word is that the sand is coming from 7 miles out, then is brought to a pumping station about a hundred yards off shore before being pumped onto the beach.

A lot of people are concerned about the effect of the new sand on turtle nesting.

One of the less-known rumored treasure finds from the Treasure Coast from several decades back is a bunch of gold Spanish coins found near the north end of the park at Jensen Beach.  I've posted a little on that before.  I've seen photos, maps and other documentation of that treasure that were shown to me by a local writer.

Here is a nice article with photos about 17th Century shipwrecks in Stockholm harbor.


On the Treasure Coast today we'll have a small surf of about one foot.  The wind has been shifting around a lot lately, but often out of the west to some degree. 

The surf will increase just a touch for the next few days.

The tidal action won't be as big today as it has been for a few days.

Happy hunting,