Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25/13 Report - Gold and Bolt Finds & Links to Lots of Good Research Material

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Couple Recent Treasure Coast
Beach Finds.
Different areas provide different detecting opportunities.  The Treasure Coast provides a chance to find something from a Spanish galleon or later shipwreck as well as a few more modern coins and jewelry items.  While other areas provide more bling, the Treasure Coast has enough variety to be a lot of fun even though the beach detecting conditions are often poor.

Beside the gold lion ring in the photo is a bronze bolt that is sort of interesting.  It has a rounded head and bottom and four corners just below the head (which you can't see in the photo because of the encrustation. 

I'm thinking the bolt isn't either real old or real modern - maybe mid 1800s, but that isn't any more than a wild guess.  If someone can provide some info or even a thought on that, I'd like to hear from you.

The current Sedwick Treasure, World, and US Coin Auction will go live on May 1.  That means there is there is little time remaining to register.  Bidding has already begun and auction lots can be viewed online.

If you've been reading this blog very long, you know that my daily posts can vary quite a lot.  Sometimes I show finds, sometimes talk mostly about beach conditions, sometimes talk about search strategies, etc.   Today's post presents a lot of research links for those of you who like history and do a  lot of research.

You might be surprised how much it can help to know what happened where in the past.  You pick up a clue and file it away, and then pick up some more clues, put it all together, and then you know where to look.

When the Spanish arrived in Florida, the Timucan tribe or nation was dominant in North Florida.  It is thought that the first settlement by the Spanish in 1565 might have occupied a Timucan settlement. 

That first Spanish settlement is thought ot have lasted about a year before they were chased out by the Timucans. 

You can use this link to learn more about the dig going on at that settlement.  If you are at ST. Augustine, you might be able to stop by and take a look.

Here is a link about that dig.  Included is a video clip showing a few of the artifacts.

And to learn more about the Timucuans, here is another link.

Here is Eugene Lyon's doctoral dissertation.  If you are interested in the early years of the Spanish in Florida (1565 - 1568), you will find this academic study interesting.

You might also enjoy this paper by Marion Link on the 1715 Plate Fleet salvage camp that was published in a 1966 issue of Tequesta.

And here is a good list of Florida historical archaeology sites.

Archaeologists are now discussing establishing protected archaeological sites in outer space.  I've talked about far out topics like this before, including the possible future salvage of old space vehicles floating around in outer space.  Well, they are already discussing creating protected archaeological sites on the moon and planets, and are considering preserving the Apollo landing sites on the moon as national historic landmarks, for example.

Also the more general topic of space archaeology is being discussed as it relates to international law. 

I wonder who wins when international law conflicts with inter-planetary law?  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.   :) 

Here is a link if you are interested in the developing field of space archaeology.

In this blog I've mentioned many times the pieces of titanium from space shots that are found on Treasure Coast beaches along with other space debris.  Of course Florida has a special interest in the space programs.

On the Treasure Coast today the surf is around 3 - 4 feet.  The interesting thing though, is that the surfing web sites are now predicting a 5 - 7 foot surf for Sunday again.  I hope that happens.  We can use it.  It might actually improved detecting conditions if the other factors are right.

Due in part to the full moon, the low tide will be good and low today.  The low tide on the Treasure Coast will be around 2 PM.

If you want to improve your chances, especially for finding older things, do your research.

Happy hunting,