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11/1/13 - Fort Capron Treasure Coins, V Nickle, Old Bottles & Bigger Surf Predicted

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Seated Liberty Halves From the Fort Capron Treasure
Photo from SedwickCoins Auction Catalog.

Here are some encrusted coins from the Fort Capron treasure that sold in the Sedwick Coins auction Wednesday.

The Treasure Coast has shipwrecks and treasures other than the famed 1715 Fleet.

You might know the story of the Fort Capron treasure that was found by some fellows diving for lobsters near the old inlet north of what is now Pepper Park.

If you don't know the story of this treasure, you should look it up.

Here is the description of the lot from the SedwickCoins auction listing.

Lot of 3 USA seated Liberty 50c coins in conglomeration (one separated), as found, from the "Fort Capron treasure" (1857). 27.11 grams total. Clumps of silver coins are typical for shipwreck finds, but this provenance is anything but typical, as it was simply a payroll lost in the surf when Major Dashiell's launch boat from the ship William and Mary. In fact these are the first silver coins we have ever offered from this find, and as uncleaned coins in natural conglomeration they have to be considered very rare from this source. Both parts (the separate coin and the two-coin sandwich) are black and loaded with coral and oxidation, lots of white and green color, with minimal coin detail still visible. From the "Fort Capron treasure" (1857).

What I am most excited about today is the predicted period of bigger surf  expected for the Treasure Coast next week.

The peak is predicted for November 5 and 6, but it is a prolonged period.  That is what we need.

Hopefully the wind and waves will hit the beaches at a good angle.  And hopefully the predicted higher surf will really happen.

There is a lot of sand to be moved.  And much of the coast has a sand bar in front of the beach.

This could be a real transition.  At least that is what I'm hoping for.  November is often the time when the beaches begin to change.

Surf Predictions From Magic Sea Weed

I'm glad to see that it is expected to be more than one or two days of higher surf.

Finds an Photos by Dan B.

I recently showed some other finds by Dan B.  Here are some bottles he found.

There is a variety there, including different ages and types.   You probably can't see it too well in the photo, but there are some embossed bottles in there.

Surprisingly the newer painted soda bottles often sell for higher prices than the older embossed bottles.  They are more colorful and many people remember those from their childhood. 

 Unfortunately the colors often fade of come off.  Of course, bright bottles in good condition are most desired.

'been showing old coins lately.  There have been gold finds too, but I'll continue with the old coins for now.

Here is one more worn coin that was found at the same site as the other two that I recently showed.

It is a V or Liberty Head nickle.   No silver.   Struck from 1883 to 1912.


The photos are good.  The coin is just worn.  It is in a little better condition than the two other older coins that I showed recently.  They were really worn down.
I still remember the first V nickle that I found many years ago.  It was on a beach just above a new sharp cut where it appeared it had been flipped.   Other older coins were below the cut.

An internet-only session of the SedwickCoins auction starts this morning at 10 AM.

The main thing is to watch for new erosion as the surf increases.  I'm really hoping that I will be issuing an upgrade on my beach detecting conditions rating scale.  Conditions have been so poor for so long that I haven't even bothered with my rating scale very much.

Happy hunting,