Thursday, March 12, 2015

3/12/15 Report - People With Metal Detectors Almost Everywhere. Beach Conditions Poor. Don't Forget Little Hidden Beaches.

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One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.
The beaches were poor this morning.  Sand is piled up at low tide right down to the water's edge.  I couldn't be much worse for beach detecting.  Nonetheless there were people with metal detectors everywhere.  There were lots northern cars in the parking lots and snow birds on the beaches.

If you look in the distance in the above photo, one detectorists got caught on the TreasureGuide Cam.

Detectorist At John Brooks Beach

Couple More Detectorists Out This Morning.
There was at least one detectorist at every beach that I stopped at this morning.

The weather was warm this morning.  It wasn't the kind of day I like.  I prefer windy rainy days over sunny days.  Summer is coming.

Mar A Lago.
I had a few posts on Palm Beach beaches not too long ago.  They have some nice old resorts.  Here is one shot of Mar A Lago that was built in the 1920s.  The 17 acre estate previously owned by Marjorie Post was bought by Donald Trump in 1985 and has been restored and a new ballroom added recently.  You might remember news of the conflict over the flag yous see in this photo.

Below is the new ballroom.  Yesterday there was a University of Pittsburgh Alumni gathering there.

Event in Mar A Lago Ballroom Yesterday.

It is worth knowing where the old resorts were and where the popular resorts of today are.  Events like this can bring in a lot of beach goers, and when conditions are right, some old stuff can still be found.

Some of my favorite beaches are old resort areas, others were new resorts.  One that produced a lot of really good rings was a location where some the ESPN Sports TV shows were shot.

As you go over the bridge to Mar A Lago you'll see a couple of small beaches on the intercoastal that could possibly produce both old and new finds.  Surprisingly there is free parking and easy access to those small beaches.

Not all old resorts are as apparent as this example.  Some are no longer there.  Some have been replaced by new buildings.  You should know something about the history of the beaches you hunt.

And some of those little beaches tucked into nooks and crannies can be eroding while the main beaches build.


Concerning the "lead leads to gold" idea.  James F. said, Yes, I have found that to be true...if you start finding lead sinkers you will usually find a class ring or two along the same lateral line as the sinkers. Seems they are very close in density.


Here is an off-topic story, but I thought it was just too good.


Concerning Treasure Coast beach conditions, expect more of the same for the next few days.

Happy hunting,