Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/19/15 Report - First Gold Of The Year From Santa Margarita Site. Nice Treasure Coast Finds. Cave Explorers Find 2400 Year Old Treasure.

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Here are some great finds and photos from Robert H.

Very nice Robert!  Thanks for sharing.


The weather down in the Keys has been good for hunting lately, and Captain Andy and the crew of the Magruder found the first gold of the year.

They were on the site of the Santa Margarita when they found a ballast stones, a musket ball, a spike and a gold ring with a clear stone.

They were using a GoPro when the ring was found so they have the find recorded.


The Northern lights were seen as far south as West Virginia Tuesday night.  For anyone that hasn't seen them, it is very impressive.  I've seen them a few times.

That could also mean a possible increase in electrical interference in the atmosphere.


A couple spelunkers found 2400-year-old treasures while exploring a cave in Israel.  Included were coins showing Alexander the Great.


Aqua-Cycle Water Trike.
    You've seen these.  I received an advertisement today that reminded me of the time I was metal detecting in front of a hotel that rented these things.   There was a nice couple pedalling along not far out from shore, and a kid, maybe about 12 years old, got on a jet ski, took off like a torpedo on a curved path and hit the back wheel of the water trike, instantly breaking the wheel.  The trike listed to one side and sank.  I thought that was hilarious.  It was even funnier seeing the people involved and the expressions on their faces.

I don't think I'll ever forget that.  That kid on the jet ski looked like a torpedo.


On the Treasure Coast today we had a surf of about three to four feet with the wind coming from the East.  The surf will decrease slightly through the weekend.

Not much very promising on the weather front.  At least we're having some good tidal action.

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