Monday, March 2, 2015

3/3/15 Report - Two BIG gold Metal Detector Finds! The Will To Discover!

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87 Oz. Gold Nugget Found Using Minelab Gold Detector.

I received these first two photos and the information about the gold nugget find via email from Nicole D. of VineSprout Public Relations.  The nugget was found using a Minelab gold detector.

Michael Brown
Finder of the 87 Oz. Nugget
Here is what Nicole said.   I'd like to share some exciting news with you. Australian gold prospector Michael Brown has uncovered an astonishing 87-ounce solid gold nugget during a prospecting expedition in Inglewood. gold prospector Michael Brown has uncovered an astonishing 87-ounce solid gold nugget during a prospecting expedition in Inglewood. Discovered in six inches of ground with a state-of-the-art Minelab detector, Brown’s find is estimated to be worth over $130,000 AUD. Please find the press release and images attached. Let me know if you would like more information...   

That is one huge nugget.
If you could do it, and you can't, it would be an interesting experiment to go back and see what the cheapest detector would be that would detect the same nugget under the same circumstances.   Of course you shouldn't hold your breathe while waiting to find another nugget like that.


7th Century Gold and Garnet Pendant
Source of photo: see link.

Here is the second big find.  It was discovered in a field along with other items.  It is thought to be among the most spectacular artifacts ever found in the region.

It is made of gold, which has cells that are inlaid with garnet.

Click here for more photos and more of the story.


I received an email from Kenneth H. about the carved gorget  that I posted yesterday.  Here is what Ken said.

Hello TG dropped a line to state the image on the photo is not half fish/half cat. Must consider geography and natural wildlife where such artifacts are found. That image you posted, most likely, is a beaver (although the head appears to be more like a wild hog). The tail is a bit small in proportion though. I back that up with 30 plus years experience in archaeology. More importantly, I always enjoy this blog and your untiring efforts to maintain it. Your contribution to Florida Archaeology, Florida History and Florida Treasure Hunting is appreciated by many. -- Yes! I dare to combine all three together because all are fueled by the same drive. That is, since the Paleo era, man was born with the will to discover. No pen strike in a book of laws can ever change it...

Thanks Ken! The kind words are especially appreciated coming from someone who has done so much in the field of archaeology.  And thanks for highlighting the basic unifying drive behind all of this.

It looks like we are stuck with something like a 3 - 5 foot surf and predominant East winds for several days.

Happy hunting,