Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4/15 Report - Lead Leads To Gold. $4.8 Million In Gold Bars Stolen. Sunken Japanese Warship Found? Sinking Coins.

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Japanese WW II Warship
Possibly Discovered by
Apple Co-founder Paul Allen.
Source of Photos: see link.
Japanese Warship?

What do you do after founding one of the most admired and successful American tech companies and earning millions of dollars?  That's easy!  Go treasure hunting.  

That is what Apple co-founder Paul Allen did.  Here is the link for the rest of the story and more photos.


I received the following in an email from Joe D.

Our beach conditions in West Palm have been just as poor as the Treasure Coast. The renurishment projects have hit full swing in Palm Beach and Juipiter! In Palm Beach the sand is going out as quick as they haul it in, and making a secondary beach at low tide! But much of it is mushy and useless to hunt! The primary low tide area has had a lot of shells though with lots of iron, sea glass, and old worn brick pieces, but few coins! Could be that I have become too comfortable with my smaller coil and am not going deep enough! But I have had good luck this week using it on old vacant lots and small park areas! Today I hit several areas that I like to call "drive-by's" that I have made mental notes of in my daily travels. Some I only quick-scanned! The small roadside parks won out over the vacant lots today! The second park I went to produced a nice working watch on the first swing! That's the first time I have hit something good so quickly! 

I have a question that I would like you and your readers to try and help me solve! In your expert opinion, in very damp rich soil, how deep will coins sink with the constant action of earthworms? I have been finding that in a few of the places I hunt, the relatively modern coins are much deeper than they should be! And older coins that should be there are all but nonexistent! ( too deep??) And I know for a fact that these places have had NO fill added to create this challenge!

Thanks much for the beach report Joe! 

On Joe's question concerning how fast coins sink in rich soil, I want to see what you all have to say.
Send me your thoughts.  I'll gather everyone's thoughts and give a summary in a few days.


Here is an interesting story.  275 pounds of gold bars worth 4.8 million dollars were stolen from an armored truck after the truck reportedly had mechanical difficulties along I 95.

Here is the link of the story and also the source of the photo.


Not long ago I mentioned he Magruder and Dare heading back to the Margarita site.  Rough weather sent them back to port, but before returning they found an encrusted object, musket ball, pot shards and various ballast stones.
If you've been reading this blog very long you read when I said that gold rings are sometimes found with lead sinkers.  I just read that Mel Fisher always said,“Lead leads to gold!”  I hadn't heard that said by anyone else before.

One time that sticks out in my mind was when I was digging a hole in shallow water.  The first three dug objects were one-ounce round sinkers.  The fourth was a one ounce 14K gold class ring.


Thanks for the emails.   Send me your thoughts on how fast coins sink in rich soil.

It looks like we'll be stuck with something like a three-foot surf for a  while.  The wind will be from the South for a couple of days.  Not very encouraging.

Happy hunting,