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3/13/15 Report - Public Access To Florida Beaches and Waterways. Minelab GoFind Metal Detectors. Mystery Object Again.

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New Minelab Detector
Minelab is marketing a new series of less expensive metal detectors, the GoFind 20, 40, and 60.  The design is attractive, though it reminds me quite a bit of the Garrett ATX (appearance only, functionally it is nothing like the ATX).

You pay for what you get.  The 20 is the least expensive and has the most basic features that you need to get started.  The 40 and 60 provide additional functions.

The 20 might be a good inexpensive detector for a beginner.  The 40 or 60 might also be a good inexpensive first detector.

Here is the Minelab link for more details.,%20GO-FIND_EN%20Universal%20A4%20%28for%20web%29.pdf


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Concerning the mystery scimitar object again, David S. said,

  The photo of the backside of the sword tip shows a hook to capture the end of a hinged needle that was on the other end.

  I have seen these before on older costume jewelry pins and broaches.  The hook makes it difficult to remove the needle because the needle must be pushed to the side to clear the entry of the hook. A hinged needle is necessary to have with such a hook because it moves in a narrow plane.

  The piece could be a hatpin or a could be used on a narrow tie by piercing the fabric in the back of the tie to hold it up on the tie and then the blade would lay against the face of the tie.  It looks wide enough to work that way depending on the tie style of the day.
Looks to me like that is right. 

To the right and below is a picture of a iron drawn wire safety pin like those made in the 15th Century. 

To the left is a 19 Century drawing from a patent application.

Notice Fig. 2 on the left, particularly the part called the hatch, which is the hook.

Both of these pictures are from a wonderful web site.  Here is the link.

I feel pretty sure now that the mystery object was a pin of some sort.    I enjoy the sometimes slow process of discovery.  At each step you learn something new as you get closer to the whole truth.

In my March 2 post, Kenneth H. gave us the great phrase "the will to discover."  I think that is a big part of it.  I don't have either the space, time or the ability to begin to do that topic justice.

The joy of discovery is a big part of the joy of life.


The subject of accessibility came up the other day.  Some fancy hotels or resorts (and others) will discourage the public from coming onto "their" beach.   In Florida the waterways (almost all bodies of water, and certainly all navigable waterways, ocean and otherwise) are state owned.  The public therefore almost always has right of access to the water and land below the "high mean water line."  You are allowed to walk along the waterways adjacent to private property as long as you are below the high mean water line. 

It might be difficult to determine where the high mean water line is, but you can usually get a decent idea just by the look.  However, the state conducts surveys, and sometimes you can actually see survey markers.

In some places along Indian River Drive for example, the properties extend down to the lagoon.  If you walk along the intercoastal at some locations, you will be able to see a number of survey markers along the river.

The high mean water line changes over time.

Here is link to a web site giving some explanation of the significance of "high mean water line."

In addition to the area below the high mean water line, just because someone doesn't want you on a beach does not mean that you have no right to be there.  A lifeguard at a private beach club once told me that I couldn't detect there.  I called the county office and learned that I had every right to be there back to the markers where the beach was renourished with public funds for public use.
It is good to know your rights, but I still do not recommend confrontation.  There are usually more subtle ways to go about things.  I won't put those out there.  You'll have to do some thinking.

Obey the law.  Know your rights and avoid confrontation when you can.

Matthew 10:16 says, " ...Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”
On the Treasure Coast we have something like a four foot surf today and more southerly winds.
Happy hunting,