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3/6/15 Report - White City Florida History Research. Lost City Found. More On Palm Beach Beaches. Big Surf Next Week?

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1901 White City Mercantile Building.
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You might have noticed that a lot of finds that I've been posting lately have come from inland hunting sites.  Research can help you find good old inland sites. 

Several days ago I mentioned JSTOR as a research tool.  Below is just one example of the kind of thing you can find through JSTOR.

One old local community is White City, between Fort Pierce and St. Lucie.  It was settled by Danish settlers in 1893.  Goods were shipped from Titusville on the steamboat "Lillian" to be sold at a store that was built on the St. Lucie River.

A dance was held to celebrate the first birthday of White City on Dec. 16, 1894.  The dance was held at a large pavilion at the picnic grounds.  Every fall the picnic grounds were flooded by the rising river.

There were two ferries across the river - one for passengers and one for horses and wagons. 

Now there are some nice hints.

That information was published in the Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 1 (Jul. 1954), pp 48-50.  The article was authored by Sandra Lewis, who won an assay contest sponsored by the Florida Historical Society.  Like I said, I found it using JSTOR.


The past couple of days I've talked about the Palm Beach beaches.  Joe D. sent additional information on that.  Here is what he said.
Just read today's post! And saw the video from Jason T. north of the Breakers Hotel! This is one of two types of beach renourishment happening in Palm Beach! As Jason stated, there's a barge offshore pumping to the north side of the Breakers where the beach had disappeared! I don't search there because there has been little to no beach to search! On the south side of the Breakers, at the Midtown Beach is where my pictures have been from! They are trucking in the beach sand there; (different type of sand) and at Phipps Park further south at the other public beach! The North end of the island is mostly intact, but unless you know people who will let you park in front of their house, which is highly unlikely, (residents and police have zero tolerance! and ZERO public parking; SAD!!) then its a city bus, bike, or boat ride to hunt up there!

Just wanted to give a better picture to anyone planning a hunt there! Oh, and buy the way, very little one and two hour free parking at Midtown! And paid parking is FIVE DOLLARS
AN HOUR!! No joke!! "There's only one Palm Beach."

Thanks for the report Joe.

Some of my favorite old hunting spots in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area were places where parking was difficult or expensive. 


I'll sum up what people have said about how fast coins sink in rich soil very soon.  If you have some thoughts to add, please send them.


We are having some very nice weather along the Treasure Coast.  Not too hot or too cold.  No wonder there are so many snow birds on the road.

Today the wind is from the North, but not very strong.   Tomorrow the wind will continue from the North but the surf is supposed to increase up to something like five or six feet.  That could possibly do us some good if the angles are right.

Right now the surfing web sites are predicted a big surf (10 feet) for the thirteenth.  As I always point out, there is a good chance that won't happen, but I hope it does.  The next few days should give us some idea.

Happy hunting,