Thursday, March 5, 2015

3/5/15 Report - Palm Beach Beaches And Renourishment. Nice Old Coin Spill. Mystery Item.

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Photo by Joe D.
Yesterday I posted an email from Joe D. talking about beach conditions in the Jupiter and West Palm area. I forgot to post the picture he sent. Here it is.

Joe also asked about how fast coins sink in rich soil.  I started to collect what people have to say about that and will post a summary in a future post, so don't forget to email me your thoughts on that.

I also received an email showing a mystery object.  Below are a couple photos of that item.

I received the following in an email from Jason T.

Hello Treasure Guide!  Thanks for your daily blog!  Good reading ! Check it everyday.  Saw your last post . Thought you may or may not be interested in a YouTube clip. It shows palm beach north of breakers hotel . Sand being pumped from ship offshore. A lot of gray sand with patches of shell matrix mixed in. The gray sand is extremely fine  compared to the peach in color natural coarse shell sand. The Gray sand is so fine it doesn't even take a swell to erode it. It flies away in the wind !!!  It certainly doesn't help for metal detecting...

Here is the link to the YouTube video.

Thanks Jason.

Dan B. hit five nice coins in one little tight area.  Here is what he said.

Went out to test some new headphones and revealed 3 wheaties, a 35buffalo and my first barber quarter 1903 all touching each other.

Here they are.

Three Wheats, One Buffalo and One Barber Found Together.
Photo by Dan B.

Here is a mystery item from Russ P.

 Looks like it might be a letter opener.  It was found with items dating to the early 1900s.  I would say it looks like that would be the right time period.

Here is the kicker though.  There is a hook on the back front end of the blade.  See the photo below.

That hook-like thing would pretty much destroy its function as a letter opener

What do you think it is.  If placed on end it stands up nicely with the point pointing up.


On the Treasure Coast tomorrow we're supposed to have something like a three foot surf.  The wind is coming out of the South but is supposed to switch around tomorrow.  This weekend the wind is predicted to be from the North, and a higher surf is predicted -  something more like five or six feet.

That could possibly cause a few cuts.  Depends upon the timing etc.
Happy hunting,