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3/27/15 Report - Custer's Last Stand Gun Parts. 2015 Santa Margarita Treasures. Treasure Coast Inland Finds/

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Kovels Komments reports that these gun parts sold for $31,050 at auction.

The parts were found back in the 1990s by using a metal detector on the Reno Battlefield, which is the site of Custer's last stand.  Kovels  said, But it's the name Custer that made them so valuable. The James Julia auction proved that great record keeping makes a collection more valuable.

Keeping good records is always a good idea.


We've had a long period of poor beach conditions on the Treasure Coast, but as I always say, there is always someplace to hunt and something to find.  What makes poor conditions one place makes good conditions some place else.

The Mel Fisher organization said, The Dare and the Magruder will remain on site for the last few days of this incredibly long window of good weather. It is rare to see so many days at sea this early in the year and this trip is hopefully a sign of good things to come...

They recently found a heart shaped gold ring on the Santa margarita wreck site along with five silver coins, some encrusted objects and a piece of wood from the wreck.

As I previously reported, the ring is the first gold of the year from the Margarita wreck site.


Despite the poor Treasure Coast beach conditions some of our Treasure Coast guys have been doing very well inland.

Below are some great finds made by William M.

William said, I'm honestly getting kind of burnt out on land hunting really wish the beach would do something drastic.  I dug a lot of targets today definitely gotta work out doing squats.

That is a nice early coin for the Treasure Coast area.

Way to go William!

William says, the old bullet is a .44 long DA.. that stands for double action it was fired from Smith and Wesson's first double action revolver called the Frontier manufactured between 1881 and 1913.

That is really neat.  Good research too, which makes it all the more interesting.

Thanks for sharing the great photos William.



Dan B. has also been doing well inland.  Below are some of Dan's recent inland finds.

Finds and photos by Dan B.



Yesterday we had some heavy rain and wind.  I lost power a few times when I was trying to do this post or it would have been posted sooner.   I was also out on a little expedition.

We'll have about a two to three foot surf today.  Not so much wind, and not good wind direction.

The tides have flattened out too.

Happy hunting,