Sunday, May 17, 2015

5/17/15 Report - Have You Dug Error Coins? What You Should See To Know. More On The Neustra Senora de Encarnacion.

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Example of Double Die Penny Error.
Photo from the web site below.

OK, so you think you've looked at all of your coin finds and don't have anything of value.  It might be time for another look.

I just found a web site that might have you going back through your coin finds one more time.  That is what I'm going to do.

I bet you've found error coins and didn't know it.  I bet error coins have passed right through your hands and mine without a second glance.

I've collected a few, but I would bet that most of them got passed along without being noticed.

There are an astounding number or error varieties.  There are too many to remember.

Wexler's Double Die Varieties web site is a great.  Here is the link.

After going there go to his "double die" listings.

You'll see great photos of a large variety die errors.

I've picked up a few error coins that I know of.  The only ones that I really noticed when I picked them up were a couple of 1982 pennies.  They both had the same clear error.  That was very unusual.

Here it is.

Dug Error Penny.
You can see why I noticed that as soon as I picked it up.

Most coin errors are much more difficult to see.  Much of the time magnification will be a big help.

I'll bet you have found some though, whether you know it or not.


I'm glad I have my little Celestron handheld microscope to help me quickly go through bunches of coins.  It is quicker and easier than using a loop or magnifying glass.


Here is more on the Nuestra SeƱora de EncarnaciĆ³n, a colonial Spanish ship known as a nao, that sank in 1681 during a storm at the mouth of Panama’s Chagres River.


On the Treasure Coast it looks like the surf won't be changing much for a week or so.  We do have a nice negative tide now though.

Happy hunting,