Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5/26/15 Report - Vanished Freedom and Family Cache. Scabbard Tip Find. Santeria Yemaya. Sand & Seaweed.

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John Brooks Park This Morning Near Low Tide.
I received a number of very good responses to my Memorial Day post.  Thanks for all the comments.  One very personal email was from Alberto S.

Alberto said,  ​I enjoy reading your posts everyday and today was no exception, actually I think it was great. Freedom is something I don't take for granted, I come from a communist dictatorship that took ​our freedom away and destroyed a flourishing republic; Cuba. 

As to metal detecting, I can only imagine the treasures that are probably buried in Cuba, as an example I left the island when I was 12 years old and only returned last year at the age of 62, I did so at the insistence of our son who wanted to learn about his roots and I realized we were getting older. Anyways, went to my hometown and walked back in time visiting my grandparent's home we were allowed to walk in and when I stepped into the backyard, the lady that is living there now told me that once they were planting a tree and uncovered a metal box with jewelry in the form of gold rings, gold ear rings and a gold chain, surely buried by my grandmother or some other relative, she apologized to me and said they had to sell it out of necessity obviously I told her not to worry and was even surprised that she even told me, you just have to wonder how many other backyards that still remain without construction hold buried treasure. Sorry for the long email, and thank you for your comments on the value of Freedom.

Thanks for sharing Alberto.  

There are a lot of seniors stashing away cash and other valuables in the U. S. these days too.  Near zero interest rates and the "death tax" are two causes.

Photo of finds submitted by Pavo.

Pavo thought the odd accumulation of nearly 300 coins that I recently found in one small area might be the result of Santeria or something like that.  I agree.

He sent this photo of his finds from South Florida.  Some, if not all, are Santeria Yemaya tools.

See my 2/24/15 post for similar finds.

You can find stores that sell those online.


I've received a few emails on the recent silver find made by the crew of the Capitana.  I originally thought it might be an aglet.  Bill P. thought it was something like that too.

William M. thought it might be a tip to a scabbard.  I now think he is right.

Dan B. send this picture of a rapier scabbard.  Notice the tip.

Rapier Scabbard.
Picture submitted by Dan B.

Here is a picture of the find as posted in my 2/24 post.

Photo by Captain Martinez
of the Capitana.


Trivia question.  Who built the first transcontinental railroad.

Answer (according to wikipedia).  The rail line was built by three private companies: the original Western Pacific Railroad Company between Oakland and Sacramento California (132 mi or 212 km), the Central Pacific Railroad Company of California eastward from Sacramento to Promotory Summit, Utah Territory (690 mi or 1,110 km), and the Union Pacific Railroad Company westward to Promontory Summit from the road's statutory Eastern terminus at Council Bluffs on the eastern shore of the Missouri River opposite Omaha Nebraska (1,085 mi or 1,746 km).


I went out to the beach this morning and took a look at our different beaches.  None were very promising for older finds.

Of course the beaches yesterday were crowded and there were some recent drops to be found.

Most beach fronts were built up and mushy.  The bigger surf (3 - 5 feet) hadn't done much good.  The waves have been hitting almost directly from the East.

At one beach there were a few dips, but they were sandy too.  Not very promising at all.

There was a lot of sea weed on most of the beaches.  That is not a good sign.

There were a few nice shell piles at one beach.  This odd piece of pottery or whatever was in a shell pile.  The bright red color is unusual in my experience.

Red Pot Shard Found In Shell Pile.

I checked the area where the hundreds of coins were found.  I left a few coins just so I could check when I went back and see if anything was happening.

They were still there, a bit of a surprise in itself considering the number of detectorists that hit that beach daily, but they were deeper this morning.  I could tell that a little more sand had piled up on top of them.

Another Beach This Morning - Looks About the Same As the Other.
There were scattered showers along the coast this morning, but nothing very lasting.

A lot of people said they liked yesterday's Memorial Day, and it is already tied for the most Google Plused post of the year.

Thanks to all!

I had a lot of other stuff but will have to hold it for another day.

Happy hunting,