Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/10/15 Report - Opportunity Of A Lifetime To Dive 1715 Wrecks! Fine Coin Rarities. Ana Beach Erosion.

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Here is a chance of a lifetime for the right person.  It isn't for just anyone, but if you fit the bill and would love to work the 1715 wrecks like the pros, this might be for you.  Captain Jonah is still looking for one additional crew member.  Here is what Captain Jonah told me.

I need at least one more person to make our boat operate smooth  I've talked to plenty of people but still looking for the right person who wants it as bad as we do. So if you could please put the word out again because of timing it is important and our season is small. For someone who wants to work on a boat and can commit till at least Sept.1.  If you're into the 1715 fleet you will learn more about these wrecks and how they scattered from reefs into the beaches. Get to dive with a detector and recover Spanish Treasure. If you can commit and are in physical shape ready to work in the sun and water we work hard all day everyday weather is good. 772 215 4366.

If you've been reading this blog very long you've seen some of the finds made by Captain Jonah and his crew.  They get fantastic stuff out there.

The captain said, We all read your blog on the boat and enjoy all the different topics.  

Thanks Captain!  And thanks for letting the blog's readers know about this unique opportunity.


If you want to see some great coins like the one shown above, take a look at the catalog for the upcoming Sotheby's Rarities Auction.  The auction will be held May 20.

There are U. S. currencies and other rarities besides U. S. coins.

Many of the coins are rarities because of their unusually excellent condition.

You should not only be aware of rare dates and errors, but also notice coins that are in unusually good condition.  That makes a ton of difference when it comes to value.

Of course, you don't often get to dig a coin in excellent condition, but it can happen.

I've dug coins in protective cases, that were in excellent condition.

The gold coin above is estimated at around $20,000.

Here is the link.

U. S. coins start on about page 85.

You will see good detailed descriptions of each coin as well as photos and estimated values.


Ana is near North Myrtle Beach this morning and expected to head inland soon.

I mentioned the eroded beaches of Jacksonville the other day.  Well, the engineers say that Jekyll island is beyond beach erosion.  They are now calling it "island erosion."

We didn't get anything from Ana but she is leaving did erode some areas to the north of us.

I've known guys in the past that chased conditions like this.  They lived out of a van and went where ever conditions were right. 

Another option is take a little car trip when things happen. 


We'll have a smooth surf Monday again with nothing particularly interesting in the near range forecast.

Happy hunting,