Sunday, May 3, 2015

5/3/15 Report - Nice Antique Schickerling Silver Case Found. Beach Conditions Update. Find Photos.

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Find and photo by Dan B.
Another view of the same object.
Photo by Dan B.

Here is a real quality piece found by Dan B.

Congratulations Dan!

It is stamped
Alfred Schickerling jewelry co. 51 Maiden Ln., New York.

I would say it is most likely silver.

In the picture on the left you can see two hinges at the top.

At the bottom appears to be a knob for opening it.  At first I thought it probably held either a picture or a mirror.

The picture on the left below shows the Schickerling stamp on the back of the above item.

Alfred Schickerling Jewelry Co. Stamp.
Photo by Dan B.
Silver Card Holder Made by
Alfred Schickerling.

I did a little research on Alfred Schickerling.  It seems one of his specialties was silver cases.  He obtained a patent for a personal identification card holder in 1927.  He also made lockets and other small cases.

The silver card holder marked 1917 was for sale on the internet.

Schickerling also did other things.  He filed for a patent on a lap robe, for example.

It seems he was very active in the early 1900s.


I went out to the beach this morning to see what was going on.  I sampled a few beaches along an eighty mile stretch.  My camera batteries were dead so I didn't get photos.

I didn't really care for the direction of the waves.  I expected them to be more from the north. They were almost directly from the east.

I did find one nice long cut which at its highest was about two feet.  That was the only one of that size.

Other places I found scallops with very little cutting.

Most places were still mushy and very poor looking.

The high tide did make it over the berm in a few places.

Any cutting is welcome these days, yet there is no significant change in beach detecting conditions. The few cuts are near the high tide mark and will only produce modern coins and items.  It will take a lot more to get to the old stuff.


Here are a few of my old find photos that I mentioned the other day.  I made them once a week or sometimes every two or three weeks, depending upon how fast they accumulated.

When I first started detecting I looked primarily for coins and kept good records on the number and type of coins found.

After a while, I started to target gold jewelry items and quit keeping track of the coins.  I started to photograph gold and other interesting finds on a periodic basis.  Like I said the other day, I wish I had put more information on the finds, such as date and location.

It surprises me when I look at so many of the items and can remember the find and exactly where they were found.

I just threw a few photos on the flatbed scanner.

I'm not really much interested in hunting modern jewelry these days, but do it when beach conditions are poor, which has been most of the time lately.


We're supposed to have a couple more days of five or six foot surf.  Later in the week the waves are supposed to be more out of the north. 

At this point I'm not expecting a big change in conditions.

Happy hunting,