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5/6/15 Report - More Recent Treasure Coast Beach Photos And Beach Analysis. Oscar de la Renta Find.

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Treasure Coast Beach Tuesday Afternoon Near Low Tide
In the distance you can see the peaks of a few scallops.  There were not any other cuts on this beach.

The beach front was mushy.  You can also see some seaweed, which indicates some filling.

We had a tropical wave over near the Bahamas causing rain and wind.

Treasure Coast Beach Tuesday Afternoon Near Low Tide
Here is the face of one scallop.  This one is the nearest thing to a cut that I could find on that beach.

Note again the seaweed.

Another Treasure Coast Beach Tuesday Afternoon Near Low Tide.
Note the little bend at the water's edge near the top of the picture.  Up near the high tide line there, there was a cut that ran about a hundred yards.

The cut there was only about a foot high at its highest.  A few coins were found within a few feet of the face of the cut.

Another View Of The Same Beach As That Shown Above
There are very few shells to be found anywhere along the Treasure Coast right now.  I believe that is due to the fact that on the front beach, only sand is getting moved, and the sand is covering the shells.

When the shells aren't getting moved, coins won't wash in or up the slope.

The coins I found were undoubtedly coming out of the small cut and were found near the foot of the cut.

When I find a line of coins I try to determine the source.  They can be either washing up or coming out of the dunes or cut.  The pattern of coins can help you tell which way it is working.

There are a couple of things working against coins being washed up right now.  One is the tons of accumulated sand in the shallow water next to the beach.  Another is that on most beaches right now you have either a wide flat low tide zone, which is an extension of the shallow water sand,or a pile of loose mushy sand near the waters edge.

One thing that can help you trace the source of coin accumulations on a beach front is the pattern of coins.   The lighter coins will normally get washed farther from the source.  You will therefore often find quarters and zinc pennies concentrated at opposite sides of the accumulation.  For example, when coins are being washed out of a cut, quarters will tend to be closer to the foot of the cut, while more zinc pennies will be farther from the cut.

I tried to do this post yesterday evening but had some trouble with posting photos.

So far the higher surf we've been having the last few days hasn't done much to the Treasure Coast beaches.  The waves have been hitting straight on to the beach.

You can see the how shallow the water is where the waves are breaking.

There is a lot of sand that needs to be moved before you start to see much older stuff.  We've had a long period of accumulation.

There are a lot of beaches that have big cliffs back by the dunes, but the cuts are in renourishment sand.  I did see one tiny spot where the renourishment sand had been removed back to near the older sand.


If your wife or children go to the beach with you but do not detect, they can still be helpful if you teach them what to look for and send them on scouting missions.


A low power digital microscope can be a handy thing.  I find it easier to closely inspect items by simply sliding them under the microscope and seeing the image on the computer screen.  I find it easier and often more effective than using a jewelers loop.

I slipped this watch under the microscope the other day and noticed for the first time it was an Oscar de la Renta watch.  It is in pretty good condition and has a nice leather band.

I decided to look up de la Renta watches and was surprised to see that many sell for up around $700.  That was a complete surprise to me.

This particular watch isn't worth near that, but it is worth more than I ever figured.  I didn't pay any attention at all to it before.

It can pay to know the value of things.  You might be surprised.


Wednesday and Thursday we're supposed to have some north winds but unfortunately at the same time the surf is decreasing.  I'm not expecting any change to beach detecting conditions.

Next weekend we're supposed to have a smoother surf again.

Happy hunting,