Saturday, May 2, 2015

5/2/15 Report - Finally The Surf Is Increasing. Dime Hole On One Beach. Fort Pierce Renourishment Project.

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One Treasure Coast Beach Showing Poor Conditions Yesterday Near Low Tide.
Notice the lazy surf.  Yesterday there was only enough force to continue moving sand onto the beach.

Also notice the whitish water next to the beach.

I didn't bother to take my detector out at this beach.

A Similar But Different Beach Yesterday Near Low Tide.
This beach was different from the one shown above.  This one has a flat low tide area and a steeper front beach behind that.

Sand was lost here a few weeks ago when the high tide got higher up near the dunes.  The slope of the beach is therefore slightly concave as compared to the one above.

Above the bend shown near the top of the picture I found what I would call a very lose coin hole.  Coins were scattered from the old high tide line down to near the flat front beach.

The strange thing to me was that a very high percentage of the coins were dimes.  The first eight coins I hit were dimes.  That is a bit unusual.

All of those dimes had a thick dark green patina.  Obviously not just a spill.  They were spread out, not clustered.

Almost all targets were deep again.  I'm thinking someone probably detected this area not long ago and got all but the deeper smaller items such as the dimes.  Only one or two of them were not that deep.

Dredge Out By Capron Shoals.

Here is the dredge ship collecting sand for the Fort Pierce Jetty Park project.  That thing has been dragging on for months.

Here is what the county says.
The Corps awarded a $6.24 million contract to Manson Construction Co. of Seattle in September 2014 to construct this project, which is scheduled to be completed no later than the end of May...   Crews will dredge beach quality sand from an offshore borrow area and transport it via hopper dredge to the inlet where it will be pumped onto the beach via pipeline.  A team will use heavy equipment on the beach to move the sand.  Dredging operations will run 24 hours daily, weather permitting.
And here is the link for the entire article.

They say they are bringing quality sand.  I don't think it could be much worse than the sand they pumped in a few months ago.  That sand was fine, eroded in a hurry, and was FULL of junk.  It looked like they got it from trash mountain.

A couple of artifacts did get dumped on the beach with the tons of trash.

This sand is coming from about four miles southeast of the jetty.

You might find the Army Corps web site interesting too.  It tells what they are doing around the state.


The big news for me today is that the wind has changed and the surf on the Treasure Coast is picking up.   The wind is coming from the north this Saturday morning.  It is supposed to be north/northeast for a couple of days.

The surf will increase today and continue to increase up to five or six feet tomorrow.

That is a welcome change.  The current prediction is for the surf to stay up around the five foot area or several days.  I'm glad about that.

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