Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/9/15 Report - Ana Now Is Tropical Storm. 50kg Silver Bar. Captain Kid's? Pirate Island. Handy Find Container.

50kg Silver Bar Thought To Be From Captain Kid
Source of photo link below.
Underwater explorers in Madagascar have made an incredible discovery – a 50 kg block of silver with inscriptions, which is now under armed guard on Sainte Marie island off the east coast of Madagascar.  The valuable treasure may be from the wreckage of a pirate ship belonging to notorious Scottish pirate William Kidd.

Here is the link for the entire article.

Some of the markings on this bar are can be easily interpreted while others are unknown.

I think you can see the scoops taken for assay to the left of the MB. 

Thanks to Mike F. and Iowa Steve for the lead on this story.


Pirate Island, a show on the history channel, was also interesting.


And here is an article about a nineteenth century schooner discovered on Toronto's historic waterfront.

Some cool pictures.


Keep your prescription pill containers.  They make excellent containers for finds.  Different sizes fit different size coins.

Remove the original label and make a new label, if you want.

They are great for musket balls, coins and all kinds of things.

Remember, though, that you shouldn't store items made of different metals in the same container.  That can cause leaching an discoloration.

I wouldn't store silver dimes with pennies, for example.

You can also stick a container or two in your pocket when you hunt to safely store interesting finds.


Ana is now at tropical storm strength.

Projected Path of Ana
Shannon told us how the storm cut the Jacksonville area beaches.

On the Treasure Coast we now have a two foot surf.  That is what we are supposed to have for about a week.

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